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Climbing Mountains and Eating Crickets
Published on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 by

Last week I came across a box of Crickettes at a friend’s house.  “Crickettes?  Are these really….  EWWWW!”  Indeed, he had a box of Salt and Vinegar flavored crickets on his table.  Salt and vinegar crickets.  AND HALF THE BOX WAS GONE.

salt and vinegar crickets

I sat and stared at them.  I flipped over the box and read the back:


Drumstick?  Flank?  Wings?  Would I ever?  Could I ever?

This summer has been my Summer of DaringSwimming with jellyfish, paddling with biting crab larvae and going down the speed slide at 44.  So why not eat a cricket?

I bundled up two and carefully brought them home.

Anthony Bourdain eats bugs.  Andrew Zimmern eats bugs.  I knew my oldest son would eat bugs.  But could I actually eat bugs?  Could I take a cricket, put it in my mouth and CHEW?

Watch and see.

Eating a Cricket from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

Eating crickets might not be the most impressive thing one can do.  But that wasn’t the point.  The point is that I challenged myself to do something completely out of my comfort zone.  I took a normal, boring day and turned it in to a challenge.  A challenge that I rose to, met and exceeded.  Yes, it was only a cricket.  But to me, it was a mountain.  A mountain that proved to have an amazing view from the peak.

mom blog

  • I used to feed crickets to my bearded dragon… I don't think I could do it.

    Go you!

    • Oh WOW… yup if I had a bearded dragon and had to feed it crickets, I would not be able to eat one myself. As a matter of fact I would feel sorry for the crickets b/c they are alive! That doesn't make sense… I guess b/c the one I ate was already dead and crispy… hmmmmm….

  • Oh ick… just ick….

    Mind you it looks interesting when tied to your previous post of “Last night I called 911” HAHAHA!!!


    • I didn't even think about that!!! Yup, almost called 911 on MYSELF and my CRICKET! LOL!

  • Then you went into the house and threw up. That's what I would have done. Oh wait, I wouldn't have eaten it in the first place. You are braver than I am.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

    • ha ha!!! I look like I am going to hurl on that video, don't I. I didn't, but I sure look like it!!!

  • uhmmm yummy crunchy! (the flank and head/drumstick respectively).

    Its actually considered a 'de-li-ca-cy' by some groups here in Nigeria. I never cottoned on but I did try it once or twice or
    Way to go Katharine. That's the spirit.

    • I have seen people eat those giant white worm things on TV. Now THAT I don't think I could do, unless they were fried. EWWW! But if I had no food and that is all I had, I would be able to eventually!

  • I have never eaten these bugs, though at the Sugar Mountain here in Toronto, they have the sour cream and onion flavored crickets and centipedes. 0_o. Salt and Vinegar, hmmmmmm.

    • Oh my GOODNESS. I do NOT think I could d the centipedes… Oh my GOODNESS!!! ACK!

  • I'm proud of you Katherine. I wouldn't do it, but I'm glad you did. Did they taste like chicken?

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  • I'm impressed! You actually ate a cricket. Boiled crawfish were a challenge for me – they looked like giant bugs.

    • You know, I LOVE lobster but they remind me of huge cockroaches, so I totally get that!

  • I could NEVER be THAT brave! OMG!!! You are awesomeness!

  • Congratulations on “climbing that mountain”! LOL, I loved the hand waving after you ate it 🙂

    • I didn't even realize I was waving my hands like that until I posted it on facebook and someone wrote, “Love the girly hand waving.” Sure enough, how girly was THAT!!!

  • Erakmanlar inş.

    I never eat that.. 😀

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  • awesome! i'm really like this picture..thanks!

  • awesome! i'm really like this picture..thanks!

  • WOW I haven't been here at S-M-N in awhile and I LOVE the new layout first of all. Second you are one crazy and daring chic fer sure!!! A mountain climbing, jelly fish swimming and bug eating gurl. Now that's my kind of woman!! If you tell me next you love to hang out on Sundays in the winter and watch football, I am taking the next plane and kidnapping you!!! A woman a man would die for 😉

    More videos, more videos. They're great. I know I need to start doing some myself on my blog, but I can't beat the ones I find on the internet. I would have to literally jump into a vat of crawling maggots or something like that in order to have any one watch.

    Which leads me to make this statement: “What people won't do to get people to come to their blog”. By the way, I love salt and vinegar on my potato chips, how are they on crickets???

    You know I will be back soon as summer is finally winding down and I will have some free time again. Boy can't wait what you have up your sleeve for the next adventure.

    • OK, considering you are my “I totally respect his wife and only say this in the nicest of ways but you are my blog guy crush” person, I am jumping for joy! LOL!

      Here is my challenge. Video. You. Eating something buggy. Get to it. 😉

      Funny, I thought about eating the cricket first, without thinking of the blog. I knew my son would do it, but me? I wasn't sure. And THEN I thought of the blog, and a video, and that sealed the deal! Wonder what I should eat next. Actually my next video may be of me in the middle of a hurricane… wish me luck!

      Don't wait so long next time to visit, stranger!!!

      • OK how's this for not waiting so long????? That crush goes both ways you know :-). Not to worry, MOB is my only woman in my life, as life takes it's twists and turns, this is a bachelor pad now, my dog and bird are both boys, so we are officially feminine free. Oh and please no sorry is needed, it was a mutual agreement, to hard to deal with kids from another marriage, especially ones that are over 21 and like to sleep, eat and do nothing to help around as large house, other then messing it up. So it's a good thing as Martha Stewart would say.

        As far as a video, that will be coming in awhile, eating bugs or other delights will not be in the future. We relinquish that privilege to your crazy gurl taste buds, hehe

        Now as far

        • A bachelor pad with the smell of amazing barbecue wafting from the kitchen. Is that how you spell wafting? The three of you can walk around in your boxers and be HAPPY about it. “Feminine Free” sounds like a feminine product… something Martha Stewart might design for the ladies aisle. 😉

          If i was 21 and slept all day and messed up my mom's house, she would have KILLED me. I would have been kicked to the curb, left to eat crickets all day!

  • PS just perused your other videos and wondered did you ever get your car cleaned up yet? LOL

    • Ok, I have to be honest. I cleaned it. Then it got bad. I cleaned it. Then it got bad again… Right now? It is bad. I will use the nearing hurricane as an excuse. Doesn't make sense, but sounds good, right?

  • Joy

    'The other green meat.' I love it! I wonder what food group they belong? Somehow they don't seem very meaty. I had heard about their status as a delicacy. Maybe next time try them with hummus. I say on April 1st, we serve crickets in school lunches. Think the video will get you an audition on Survivor, the Wilds of the Eastern Seaboard?

    • Oh I would LOVE to be on Survivor! Ha! At least I would lose more weight, right? Hummus is a good idea. I love hummus and that garlic taste would cover up EVERYTHING. Hmmmm what food group IS a cricket?

  • Okay, I thought you were going to say that you ate one and then found out the box was food for the pet turtle.

    Oh gah. “There's a leg in my mouth.”

    No. Thank. You.

    But congrats on crossing that bridge!

    • And you want to hear something else totally gross? About 15 minutes later I felt a piece of cricket in my mouth… EWWWW!!!

  • Don't think I could, but who knows? If I was put to the challenge…maybe.

  • Eww! Good for you for trying something different. But, ewww!

    • I suspect if I got you good and drunk on Tequila that I might convince you to eat one too???

      • The only time I drink Tequila is if I feel like getting married.

        • I have been away from the internet for quite a while… just reading this and laughing SO HARD! I remember drinking tequila in a contest at my mom's house when she was away. It was against guys… I WON and the guy I was dating barfed on the glass to the fireplace and it cooked on… and I had to clean it up. So technically, perhaps I did NOT win!

  • Ok, now what is with all this bug talk goin' on around the blog 'o nets lately? was talking about parasites, which traumatized me. Nicky droned on and on and on (hahaha) about her spider on our site, and now you've got crickets. In a box! To eat! And you ate one!

    Congrats on doing it. Think of it as acquiring a new survival skill.

    • I think I secretly want my own reality show where I go into some wild area and eat gross stuff. No wait, I don't want that. EWWW!

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