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The Catch, The Snatch, The Retrieval
Published on Saturday, July 9, 2011 by

Blue crabs.  I won’t kill ‘em, but I’ll sure eat ‘em!  Lately, the boys have been going with the neighbors to collect crabs from a trap at one of their homes.

I have not witnessed what comes next.  Some people boil crabs live, some steam them… but this family?  They rip the back off the crab.  My oldest says it is instant and much more humane than boiling them alive.  He’s done all three methods and believes this is the best.

When I came home from work yesterday, there was a bag of cleaned crabs and five hungry boys in my kitchen.  Not only did they catch the crabs but also cooked, ate and cleaned up after themselves.

blue crab feast

I asked one of the boys to hold a cleaned crab for a picture.

cleaned crab

In that moment, I learned something.  If you hold a blue crab near your dog’s level, it is an invitation for a quick snack.  It seems only fair!  I also learned something else.  The minute your dog whisks away your son’s hard-earned catch, it will be taken right back by a pack of hungry boys.

dog eats crab

Sorry Emma.  The crab might have gone down easy enough, but I’m certain it would have been painful in the end.  Hope you liked the dog bone you got instead.  It might not have tasted like crab, but we saved you from certain discomfort.  You are welcome.

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