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Christmas Fail!
Published on Sunday, December 28, 2008 by

guitar hero world tourChristmas Fail.  Let’s set it up for you.  The only thing my oldest wanted was the Guitar Hero World Tour game.  Expensive, yes – but that was all he wanted.  When pressed for more ideas, he simply said, “I don’t need anything else Mom… you don’t have to get me anything.”  My little boy has grown up. 

Two months ago, before I had purchased anything else – I made sure I had the World Tour box hidden in my closet.  He has been so good… he deserved it.  Two weeks ago it was wrapped under the tree.  Obviously exactly what he wanted – and he had to look at it for 14 long days before he could open it.

So December 23 – picture me in the kitchen talking up a storm while slicing vegetables.  Then picture me slicing my finger and going down down down to the kitchen floor.  Stitches, the day before Christmas Eve?  Bah!  So I just stayed on the floor in pain for a while, kept putting pressure on it and willed it to finally stop bleeding.

December 24 – Christmas Mass, successful.  Christmas Eve dinner at Moms?  Successful.  Throbbing finger that started to bleed during church, check, but still OK.  Santa came and went, and I laid my head down for a long winter’s nap.  Until the fever kicked in.  Did I mention the pneumonia in the family earlier in the month?

December 25 – A long, shaking with fever night later, I gather every bit of strength I have to get to the living room and watch my three children open gifts, give gifts and have a wonderful morning.  My oldest waited until everyone was done before he turned toward the monolith next to the tree.  Slowly, and then faster, he rips the top of the paper off.  At that moment – the very moment he saw as well, my mind registered the words on the box.  “Playstation 3.”

What!!??  We don’t have a Playstation 3!  I know that.  I have always known that!  But looking right at me in black and white, were the words, “Playstation 3.”  Did I unplug my brain the day I bought that?  Did little green clothed elves change out the box Christmas night?!  I DID NOT DO THAT!  I COULD NEVER HAVE DONE THAT!  But I did.

For a split second I saw it.  I saw the disbelief and horror spread across his face.  It was a moment he tried to hide – and did for everyone else but me – because I am his mother.  And I know.  And I saw.  But true to who he is, he acted like it was no big deal.  He said it would be fine if we exchanged it the next day.  He said, “Mom, it is no big deal! It’s OK! Don’t feel bad!”  But this was his one gift.  The one thing he wanted.

Then I heard from across the room my wonderful middle child, newly turned teenager, say in a very matter of fact way, “Mom, THAT was a Christmas Fail!”

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