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Shoot Me NowI Swear I Didn’t Read It Before I Took The Picture!

I Swear I Didn’t Read It Before I Took The Picture!
Published on Sunday, September 15, 2013 by

China is today’s photo challenge word.  I was thinking about bringing a piece of china to the beach house for a photo shoot until my son asked me to drive down some Chinese food for him.  Chinese… China… yea, it works!

This morning I took his fortune and started to snap some pictures of it in the morning’s light.  It wasn’t until tonight when I viewed the pictures that I saw what was actually printed on the back of the fortune.

I about dropped my laptop when I saw.  I swear this was not meant to be NSFW.  Perhaps I should have saved it for “My Junk.”  But hey, the photo is kind of cool and well, I’m sure everyone will have a little fun with the word, “Dong.”  It’s what a bell says, right?!

dong fortune

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  • Mel

    (yeah right…….)

  • Ron

    Hahahahahaha! Katherine, you are a HOOT!!!!

    I love the lighting you captured in this shot! And hey, the fortune cookie has the word Chinese printed on it, so yeah…it’s CHINA.


    • YUP! This photo challenge is all about the cheating. (don’t let anyone see this)

  • Snorting coffee here, Katherine! I’m not sure what you should make of that fortune…

    • Yea I know!!!!!! I thought it was so funny when I brought up the picture and saw it!

  • Good to know there’s a dong in his future…I guess.

  • ReformingGeek

    Hee Hee. I think seeing the word “bong” might have been even more funny. Wait. How old is your son?

    Good pick for China!

    • 20…. not ready for dirty fortune cookies. (can you see me in denial?)

  • OK, I can guess what you mean by the word ‘dong’, though it’s not one of our names for it 😉

    • That made me think of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life and the song that has all the names of “it” in it ha ha!

  • Stop donging the bell, I have a headache.

  • Haha, leave it to you to find a dirty fortune. 😀

    • ha ha UH OH it was my SON who got it!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ha ha!

  • Hilarious! A good combo prompt.

    • It was so funny to take the picture and find out later what I really took!

  • Every thing about that is funny. It sounds like a warning as well. LEARN CHINESE! and evidently they mean before next winter. Maybe we should learn Chinese to figure out what dong tian means. Or do we not want to know.

  • MalisaHargrove

    It’s not just a dong, it’s a winter dong! Everyone should have a different dong for every season!

    Perhaps I should have saved it for “My Junk.” Ha ha ha! You are on a roll!

    • I laughed out loud reading that… literally!!!!! Spring dong… summer dong… fall dong… winter dong!

  • Bahahahhahahaha @ dong!!

    And you’re right this fortune photo works great for today’s prompt and it would also have been hilarious for the upcoming prompt “my junk”

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Yeah, my lucky number is 10. Just sayin’

  • Who’s Winter? Very cool shot, the background, the lighting.

  • This is one of those 5 birds with one stone situations 😉

  • I swear I can taste the cookie.

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