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Published on Monday, January 23, 2017 by

When I saw today’s writing challenge subject “Cheese,” I immediately thought of blogger Nicky from We Work for Cheese.  Nicky was a lovely, vibrant and incredibly funny woman and mother who died far too young of cancer.

Nicky loved cheese and wrote about it often.  She once wrote about Cotswold, an English pub cheese I had never heard of.  It took a few days of searching but I finally found it.  They key to that cheese is eating it at room temperature.  At first bite I thought, “Meh.  It’s OK.”  But after chewing and savoring it I realized that Cotswold was addictive.  A bit of tang… a bit of onion…. Mmmmmmm.

in memory of nicky

In loving memory of Nicky, I would like to share a link to a cheese poem she once wrote in a blog writing challenge.  Here is to you, Nicky… and to Cotswold!

Make it Cheesy

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