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Shoot Me NowYou Know OBX Tourist Season Has Begun When….

You Know OBX Tourist Season Has Begun When….
Published on Saturday, June 29, 2013 by
cheese puff floater

You Have To Admit…. It’s Clever!

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  • Mel

    *laughing* Very clever…and very practical I might add.

    • AMAZINGLY practical. Gosh, that could hold so many bad/good treats that come in barrels!

  • Ron


    Katherine, that’s BRILLIANT!!!! Clever indeed!

    Oooo…and I love cheese puffs!

    Have a FAB Sunday!


    • I can’t remember the last time I had a cheese puff. I might have to get some!

  • Doesn’t everyone need some cheese puffs close at hand? Very strategic.

  • I have no idea what I’m looking at here, but if they’re Cheetos, I want some. Indigo x

    • Cheese puffs! Good as they go down… with a lingering scratched up mouth. The stuff of drunken college dreams!

  • that is HILARIOUS!

    • And OH SO CLEVER. Made me want to run out and buy cheese puffs!

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