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Cheerleader Kills Shark With Bare Hands
Published on Sunday, December 18, 2011 by

And a knife.  For real.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Pier

USS Porter

I’m not sure how we got back in to fishing.  It’s probably due to my older son’s love for the sport.  Towards the end of the summer, we began to surf fish in Corolla, and it has done nothing but escalate from there.

Would I begin a fishing spree in the spring though?  No, that is too easy.  Typical me, it all starts to happen as the temperatures begin to drop.  Of course in Virginia Beach, that means striper season.  But you can’t just waltz on to a pier and fish in jeans and a winter coat.  For winter pier fishing, you have to dress Rambo style.  Thank heavens I have had a good teacher.

Our first escapade on the pier was a night fishing adventure.  And as my luck goes, the evening we pick is freezing with wind gusts over 20 mph.  Imagine yourself at the end of a pier over the freezing ocean water, IN THE DARK, being blown about like an episode of Deadliest Catch.  Well, to be honest, scale that down a bit.  Now a little bit more.  There, you got it!

My outfit for the evening included the following:  Base layer. Cuddle Duds. Jeans.  Shirt.  Thermal shirt.  Another shirt.  Fleece.  Coveralls.  Winter Coat.  Ear protection.  Head protection.  Face protection.  Eye protection.  Four toastie toes, two in each boot.  Gloves.  And a bad ass attitude.  Cause you know what?  I was the only chick on the pier.  Spit and SCRATCH.

cold weather fishing

During the course of our fishing adventures, a man walked on the pier and announced to us, “You are either avid outdoor lovers or lunatics.”  My first thought was lunatic, by my son replied, “We are a little bit of both.”

Yesterday was our second adventure, immediately following a basketball game in which my ten-year-old daughter cheered.  Yes.  My daughter.  A cheerleader.  Who woulda thought.

After the game, she traded in her too cute cheer outfit for a very different uniform.  Only HER winter hat had ears.

child cold weather clothes

My friend said, “By the end of the day she was not only going to catch her own fish, she was going to kill it and clean it.  My daughter’s reply?  “I will NOT do the killing.  That will put a stain on my soul.”  From my point of view?  Agreed.

Sadly, there was no striper to be had that day.  However, there were indeed plenty of sharks, a crab, a skate and a little catfish.

spiny dogfish

Smiling Before He Is Released

One of the sharks came home for dinner.  The shark we caught is actually called a spiny dog fish and is used in the popular fish and chip dishes.  It is mild, tender and very delicious.

The ten-year-old cheerleader who didn’t want to stain her soul?  She swiftly killed the shark, cut off the head, spines and fins, gutted and cleaned it.  That is far more than I ever want to do.

cleaning shark

cheerleader kills shark

Indeed, yesterday there were TWO chicks on the pier.  And the smaller one of them totally rocked it.  That’s my GIRL.

mom blog

  • What a delightful post.  Your daughter rocks indeed.

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  • Wow, I can feel how cold it is by the ocean!

    I think I stopped fishing that time when the my fish swallowed the hook 🙁

  • Your description of the dark cold pier was so vivid it actually amde me shiver!

  • Katherine, I know I always joke around, but I think you are amazing for braving the elements for this experience with your kids, not to mention being an AWESOME role model for your daughter!

  • Mel

    Yup–part avid fisherman, part lunatic!

    I’m impressed by the dress.  LOL  And even more so by the cheering, fish gutter.
    She done good!

    And you……are a very cool mom.  🙂

  • First of all – I cannot stop laughing at your “Outfits”. And secondly, that’s one badass cheerleader you’ve got there!

  • Juegos con chat

    Hehehe, amazing, like all the stories that you tell us here 🙂 Merry Xmas!

  • I love fishing but I think I would want it a little bit warmer.  I don’t like to bundle up.  

  • Your daughter is the bravest lil girl I know! I cant hold down squirming live fish come to think of killing it. Bravo! 

  • Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

  • Ferd

    She’s awesome! I’ll put her up there with Buffy, and to me that’s a high compliment! 🙂

    I was actually just stopping by to wish you and your family a joyful Christmas!

    I’ll pretend there’s eMistletoe… XXOO!

  • Jay

    Wow.  Rather you all than me!!  Well done that cheerleader though; if you’re going to fish, better damn well be prepared to kill, gut and eat!!

    BTW, I’ve been across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, but not through the tunnel. I’ll take the bridge any day!

  • Definitely looks like an experience!

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