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Charlie Sheen Quotes on Bumper Stickers
Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by

charlie sheen quotes

Ah yes, Charlie Sheen.  As a mother I want to slap him and say, “What are you thinking!”  But as a blogger, I am going to join in the fun with the Tribal Blogs Charlie Sheen Blog Carnival.

Charlie Sheen Quotes.  They are like a terrible traffic accident that you cannot turn away from.  For this challenge, I have decided to take them a bit further.  Picture this, if you will.  Charlie Sheen is driving in front of you, perhaps with a drink in one hand and a porn star in the other.  But look!  He has a bumper sticker on his car!

Lets imagine what it would look like if Charlie Sheen put some of his best REAL Charlie Sheen Sayings on to bumper stickers and slapped them on his car:

sheen sayings

sheen sayings

funny bumper sticker

tribal blogs

When Charlie Sheen tires of his personal quotes on bumper stickers, he can use the ones my co-workers came up with instead!:



more sheen

charlie sheen car

So, if you saw Charlie Sheen in his car, what bumper sticker do you think he would have?

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