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Charlie Sheen Quotes on Bumper Stickers
Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by

charlie sheen quotes

Ah yes, Charlie Sheen.  As a mother I want to slap him and say, “What are you thinking!”  But as a blogger, I am going to join in the fun with the Tribal Blogs Charlie Sheen Blog Carnival.

Charlie Sheen Quotes.  They are like a terrible traffic accident that you cannot turn away from.  For this challenge, I have decided to take them a bit further.  Picture this, if you will.  Charlie Sheen is driving in front of you, perhaps with a drink in one hand and a porn star in the other.  But look!  He has a bumper sticker on his car!

Lets imagine what it would look like if Charlie Sheen put some of his best REAL Charlie Sheen Sayings on to bumper stickers and slapped them on his car:

sheen sayings

sheen sayings

funny bumper sticker

tribal blogs

When Charlie Sheen tires of his personal quotes on bumper stickers, he can use the ones my co-workers came up with instead!:



more sheen

charlie sheen car

So, if you saw Charlie Sheen in his car, what bumper sticker do you think he would have?

mom blog

  • Anonymous

    Love these. To paraphrase Roxy Music how about “Chuck is the drug”.

    • I loved “Chuck is the Drug!” THAT is a good one! Right now it seems he is America’s drug for sure… people can’t get enough!

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  • Saelen


    Two favorites:
    My drug dealer can beat up your honor student.
    Jagger and Richards party like droopy eyed armless children.

    • You know what, I don’t even understand what a droopy eyed armless child attribute would be… what does that MEAN anyway?? 😉

  • Charlie is a flipping HOT MESS. And, yes, as sick as this may be, these quotes really do make me laugh.

    • Well, he is an adult – a big boy… I feel bad for him but he’s done it to himself… your post about being his parent… yes, VERY sad and hard!

  • LOL too funny, I am sure people are printing these up as we speak. Oh Charlie, what will John Cryer do now?

    • OK.. I had to look up who John Cryer is! Of COURSE that is who he is! I bet he is so stinking mad at Charlie… he lost his job and they had it GOOD! And the kid lost his job too. Maybe they can do a spinoff w/o Charlie… but then there would not be the comic relief of Charlie. I think John Cryer is a great actor.. maybe he will get his own show?

  • How about “I rock and you don’t.” My favorite is “Unless you can do crack socially, don’t do it.”

    Charlie has always been a bad boy, but I have to wonder what sent him really over the cliff this time.

  • Perfect, Katherine. Absolutely loved the bumper stickers. My favorite bumper sticker is”If you can’t do crack socially, don’t do it.” What a troll. I think Mr. Sheen should gather all of his great quotes a put them into a coffee table book complete with a mirror and straw.

    • I love “what a troll.” Ha ha! You know, you are certainly on to something… a coffee table book. It took a second for me with the whole “mirror and straw” comment, and then I started to laugh outloud! Genius!

  • Jay of the Depp Effect

    ‘My other car is in rehab’!!! ROFL!!! That’s a good one!

    Not being up with the celebrity news, I have no idea what Charlie Sheen has been up to lately, but after reading this I can guess.

    • Yea, Charlie Sheen is pretty much about to have his brain explode. It is very sad that his kids have been subjected to all this – feel bad for them. But Charlie has been putting this all on himself. Wonder where all this will carry him…

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  • My question when hearing it and reading it here is, “Do people do crack socially?” Obviously I am not being invited to the right parties.

    • Aren’t you GLAD you aren’t invited to those parties? If I went, surely the police would show up. It would be just my luck. “But officer, I only do it socially!”

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  • I’m afraid I’m addicted to Charlie Sheen news! I can’t stop reading and rereading about all this craziness! It is so bad and it feels so good!

  • I have so many good ones from Charlie that I cant mention them all. Charlie however, was really talented. No doubt about that.

  • “Sex, Drugs, Charlie Sheen!” 🙂

  • In today’s economy you have to be creative and maybe even a little bit aggressive in your marketing campaign. With lots of bumper stickers that you can see, you’ll really have a variety to choose from.

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