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Candy is Dandy
Published on Friday, May 14, 2010 by

old fashioned candyWhen I was little, candy was the be all and end all of everything in my world.  Food was always healthy, including the snacks, drinks and sides.  I was told to eat my vegetables and had no dessert if I refused the good stuff during meals.

Of course I had my tricks.  I hated steak, which is ironic considering I can’t physically eat steak now and would kill to do just about that.  But in those days, steak was the enemy.  I would sometimes chew it, put it in my napkin and flush it later that evening.  And the green beans?  During one of our moves, the workers found petrified green beans lined up along the tracks near the folding sections of our table.  <whistling and looking up in the air>

But back to the C-A-N-D-Y!  Desserts were usually on Sunday and nine times out of ten it was ice cream.  Everyone loved ice cream.  But it just wasn’t C-A-N-D-Y!  Your mom wouldn’t buy you candy at the store.  Not normally.  I do remember sitting in the cart eating Necco’s at the commissary, only to be immobilized by a licorice one.  BLAH.

I’ll never forget watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the big screen for the first time.  During the opening credits, giant images of candies passed before my ever-widening eyes as I stared in utter disbelief.  The chocolate factory was a place of sheer magic for every little girl and boy.  Gene Wilder’s dreamy voice swirled around and through me, truly carrying me to a world of imagination.

So when you had candy, like on Halloween or for a special treat, it was a very big deal.  My fondest candy memories revolve around wax lips, candy sticks, candy cigarettes, Nik-L-Nips, candy buttons, candy necklaces, Honees, licorice pipes and fun dip.  Later in life it was Christmas boxes of Lifesavers, Garbage Pail Kids, Smooth and Juicy gum, red hot toothpicks, Pop Rocks, Garbage Can-dy and Bazooka bubble gum.  Remember the comic that came with Bazooka bubble gum?  If you got the fortune, “Help! I’m trapped in a bubble gum factory!” then you scored!

Do you have any favorite childhood candies that you remember?

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  • thanks for stopping by A Few Clowns
    candy from the past – yeah I remember a number of them. In grade school there was a small candy story run out of this lady’s house. Amazing to think of today. Anyway the round red chewy coin sized candy was great. I just can’t think of the name but they were only like 1 cent each.

    You have a good blog here – I’ll be back.

    • @lisleman, That sounds GREAT…. red chewy candy – nothing better than that in my book. We had a little red store – one room – up the street in Newport Rhode Island named Finn’s. I wonder if it is still there.

  • Jen

    I loved those old fashioned candies from the butcher shop. The peppermint sticks and my favorite the rootbeer flavored stick. Candy cigarettes were another favorite and wax lips. All of which have been outlawed for one reason or another.

    • @Jen, Remember wax mustaches too? I had forgotten about them until yesterday, along with the wax pipes. My mom used to get lemon candy sticks and put one in a big whole pickle. You suck on the lemon stick and a hole forms in the middle. Then the juice from the pickle comes up in to the lemon candy stick and you drink it like a straw. Just enough came through that you would get the sweet lemon with a hint of pickle juice. We tried it once and it really works and I remember it being really good.

  • My favorite food memories as a kid are SO strange. I loved brussel sprouts and artichokes, and my father literally had to hold me down to get me to try a jelly bean. Candy was the bane of my existence — turning it down at birthday parties and school holidays was SO awkward!

    • @InsuranceMom, That is REALLY funny! I had a similar experience with my kids, in that a few had allergies and intolerances. One went trick or treating and at every door would look down at the candy the person was holding out, shake his head and say, “No Thank You” and walk away. The people were frozen in place – could not believe it. It was SO funny. I called out, “Food allergies!” We told him to accept all the candy, and then we would switch it for non-dairy at home – but he just decided to go a different way!

  • I loved Wizz Fizz. I don’t know if they still sell it, but if they do I’m gonna go out and get me some of that.

    Wait, is that what N’Sync were singing about? Wizz fizz?

    • @ScoMan, OK, I thought you were joking. I had to search on Wizz Fizz. And there it is!! WOW! Never heard of it! And btw, I didn’t see any N’Sync references LOL! Cause silly, that was the Backstreet Boys!

  • Here, in our country, we have this candy called “Kending Hubad” or naked candy. It was called like that because those candies can be acquired from stores unwrap. Well, one of my favorites along with cherryballs bubble gum.

    • @DressUpGames, I just looked THAT up too and saw how they named it. Naked Candy is such a great name for unwrapped candy. Kind of like Jamie Oliver on “The Naked Chef.” I wonder if he eats Kending Hubad!

  • My mother would sometimes give us a penny or two to spend at the candy store. If we were really, really lucky, she’d give us a nickle. The candy store was around the corner and up almost a block so it was a big adventure to go there. And then . . . there were a jillion wonderful candies to choose from. It took forever to choose. I usually went for the banana taffy. I suspect I wouldn’t like it now.

    • @Marilynne, I wonder if the banana taffy was laffy taffy, or another brand at that point. Funny how you wrote, “I suspect I wouldn’t like it now.” A few years ago my friend had a box of Twinkies on her counter. I hadn’t had one since I was a kid, and remembered loving them. I tried one and had to THROW IT AWAY! It was waxy, fake and had a hard consistency. I wonder if they changed the recipe or if you just have different “sweet” tastes as an adult.

  • Bridge Mix (especially from Candyland in Downtown), Mary Janes (peanutbutter “taffy”), 7-up Bars (7 little “sections” each with a different filling… I believe I owe the fillings in my back teeth to Jolly Ranchers and Now n Later’s that got tucked in the back of the mouth to avoid discovery by parents.

    Most of the candy I ate wasn’t even because I WANTED it, but rather because it was strictly forbidden so it became a challenge to sneak it past the parents. I probably would have eaten 1/8 of the candy that I did if I had just been left alone about it.

    • @MsDarkstar, You are such a REBEL!!! I am glad you mentioned Mary Janes. I LOVE MARY JANES. At Halloween I try to negotiate those away from my daughter. They are JUST THAT GOOD. Have you had one as an adult?

      I have a friend who recently took his son to the dentist. The dentist said, “You have to stop putting candy in your mouth and letting it sit there just before you go to bed.” My friend was shocked… where was his son getting the candy, and the fact that he was letting it melt in his mouth as he slept… sounds like you LOL!

  • As a child my candy adventures were limited to the homemade stuff. This did not bother me much as I just loved the fudge, candy apples and the like that my Mom made. Today I will eat candy (or sweets as we call them) in any shape or size, 10 times a day. I am a total sugar addict.

    • @Arnold, I think we need some more sweet recipes on your blog – maybe a childhood favorite post! 🙂 I want to try the coconut one you did, that was so pretty as well as yummy looking. As an adult I don’t crave sweets often – but if I do I tend to want a cake-like thing. But if I were to go to a 7-11 and get “CANDY” right now, I would probably pick a Skor bar or a Chunky.

  • LOL I did the same things as you but with oatmeal! I really hated oatmeal and would throw it away when no one was looking. I know now that it was a terrible thing to do especially when lots are hungry.

    • @Discount… OATMEAL? You were one stealth kid to be able to get rid of OATMEAL! LOLOL!!

  • I don’t think we had a lot of candy as such when I was a child. I do remember those great big jawbreakers. I used to love those. And bubble gum. Great subject. Made me think. I didn’t like vegetables either or fish. I hated fish and still do.

    • @Marg, … JAWBREAKERS!! I am so glad you mentioned those! I used to LOVE jawbreakers! They actually tasted REAL and SUGARY and GOOD back in the day. I remember you could get a box of tiny jawbreakers and they were so good. And then you would find giant ones in the gum machines – you would suck on them off and on all day. Bacteria? What bacteria? And I think they would change colors as you sucked on them. And when you finally were able to chomp on one, it would practically rattle your head!

  • PEZ…and it’s also my official store candy!

    • @Becky, I LOVE PEZ!!! Crunchy with that yummy fruity like flavor! Oh that also reminds me of candy hearts. I always loved those too b/c of the crunch, but last year they changed the recipe and now they are GROSS. But pez still rocks!

  • And now I’m Jonesing for some Butter Rum Lifesavers. Thanks, you . . .

    • @tysdaddy, You know, I wasn’t a big butter rum kind of kid… I also hated butter brickle when my dad got it… but as an adult I had a Butter Rum and loved it… I guess it is an adult thing? Or did you like them as a kid?

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  • I loved Mary Janes. Loved em. I also loved the wax lips. And I was the candy queen back in the day. I would do anything, too, to get it. The only spanking I ever got in my life was when I threw my peas under the table in the hopes the dog would gobble them up. Turns out dogs hate peas, too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. If I gave out awards for best comments, you would win the prize, my dear. So funny.

    • Joann, I laughed outloud at the dog and peas comment! That is hysterical! You probably created the “DOH!” before Homer Simpson!

      I had to go back and see what I wrote… and then I laughed because that was my GRANDFATHER. He would stand at the window when he visited and comment on EVERYTHING, always in that same manner. He was “in charge” I guess… supervising everything. 🙂

  • My favorite candy was the fudge my mom would make using the recipe off the Hershey’s Cocoa can. I’ve never made it myself, but I still have the old pot that she used to make it in 50 years ago.

    And I’m of the generation where candy bars really were a nickle and twice the size!

    • @injaynesworld, I have my grandmother’s baking pan – isn’t it wonderful having something that holds so many memories? Especially something from the kitchen that they used to cook with. I wonder if that fudge recipe is still on the can? Bet it’s really good!

  • My mother helped my grandfather run the family candy store when I was young, and so naturally candy was all around while I was growing up. However, I didn’t actually eat that much of it. D&D Sweets sold a great deal of candy to other, smaller stores, and on any given day you could find a hundred boxes of Floridian Saltwater Taffy in the back room.

    I, quite unlike yourself and every other sane person I’ve met, didn’t really like candy, instead going ape over the leafy green stuff. I even loved spinach, and collard greens.

    My tastes have changed since then, justifiably, but I can remember that the only candy I really enjoyed was a special kind of malted chocolate one of our suppliers sold, and they went out of business a long time ago.

    • @Amanda, I LOVE MALTED CHOCOLATE! Funny, it seems that the people who never had candy around them craved it… but then there is you, who had it everywhere, and you would rather have greens… LOL! Maybe I need to put loads of candy all over the house – you think the kids would start asking for spinach??

      Amanda, I bet you have some AMAZING stories about the store and your grandfather!!!! Have you ever written about them?

  • Busted. I loved all those candies on your list but I think it was the caramels, the Bit ‘o honey and the other chewy gooey ones that helped give the dentist a good bit of business….These days? Chocolate anything…

    • @WillOaks Studio, I agree on chocolate anything. Did you eat those caramel like candies that had the cream in the middle? You can still get those pretty much anywhere… the brown cut ring with a white cream inside… yummmmm

  • WOW, you really brought back a ton of memories. I remember all of those candies you described. What a trip!

    I also love Snicker’s bars, 100,000 dollar bars and Twix. I remember people used to give out full size candy bars on Halloween. The amount of candy I used to come home with was disgusting. But I loved it.

    I remember one time my dog ate a lot of my candy. I was so pissed off. She came all the way up the stairs to do it, which she never ever did. Funny to think about now. You should have seen her when I busted her. She couldn’t wait to get past me and run down the stairs.

    • @One of The Guys, I bet your puppy had enough of a tummy ache that she “paid the price!” Memories that stick in your mind… I remember the amazing Fannie May large butter cream chocolate eggs with the yolk in the middle. We were celebrating Easter on a houseboat in California and my dad asked if he could have a bit. I remember looking at the piece he cut off and crying, “You ate half my Easter egggggg!” I felt so WRONGED. I was in first grade… but here I am 44 years old thinking back…. my Dad died of cancer 14 years ago. Today I would give ANYTHING for him to have that WHOLE egg.

      I had forgotten about the WHOLE candy bars! I wonder if they were cheaper then… because nowadays I would do that if I could afford it…. now it is all the small stuff!

  • My parents were pretty tight with the candy too. When I was in grade school at St Pius they had a Candy lady who used to push around one of those big green cabinets full of yummy candy. There was the 5, 10, 15 and 25 cent shelf – Charleston Chews, fire balls YUM. We used to sneak the change off my dads dresser so we could sneak and buy candy because my mom would never give us money for candy.

    • @Sheila Sultani, I wonder if they ever figured out the change was missing! I just remembered FREEZING Charleston Chews…!!! Those were good – break your teeth in half though. Of course you wouldn’t have been able to do that if you were sneaking them…. that sounds SO good!

  • I always loved a frozen Charleston Chew. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness . . .

  • OMG! I loved candy cigarettes and I really loved Fun Dip. Pure sugar!

    • @meleah rebeccah, you mentioning candy cigarettes made me remember bubble gum cigarettes… they had some kind of powder under the paper so you could blow out and the cigarette would SMOKE!

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