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Published on Saturday, September 29, 2012 by

My neighbor Heather shot her first gun at five years old.  And hunting?  A grouse at 12 and a deer at 14.  That was in Washington State.  Now she lives next door, across the country from her mother, father, family and church.

Not long after she and her husband moved in, her husband went on duty overseas.  Yup.  He is in the Navy.  Out of the 28 months they have lived next door, Heather’s husband has been gone 17.

Do you know what she has done since she has been here?  Taken care of the house by herself.  The bills.  The lawn.  The trash.  The shopping.  The animals.  The everything.   She also got a full time job and bakes almost more than we can eat every time her husband leaves.  (OK, so we get something good out of his absence.  Let’s just say it is our way of keeping her busy.)

Do you know what else she started doing while her husband was away?  Running.  Picture the little girl who shot a gun at five years old running down the street, wincing from pain, dog leash tied to her waist with one of two dogs leading the way.

Then came her first full marathon, 26.2 miles.  Her husband was able to track her progress from Afghanistan, calling her within three minutes of her finish to tell her how proud he was of her.


Before Heather’s first marathon, her friends and family wrote encouraging messages on a shirt and sent it all the way from Washington State!

virginia beach marathon

Her next goal?  THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON.  She is raising money and awareness for a very special summer camp.  It’s called, “Hole in the Wall Gang Camp” in Northeastern Connecticut.

This charity was founded by Paul Newman in the late 1980’s.  The camp was created to give kids with cancer, sickle cell anemia and other seriousness illnesses a different kind of healing and an otherwise impossible opportunity for a summer camp experience.

Before you continue, please watch this video.  Just click play.  However, before you do, I am going to admit something.  I turned it on, and by the SECOND LINE OF THE SONG I WAS BAWLING AND HAD TO TURN IT OFF.  I haven’t watched the whole video.  ONLY TWO LINES.  But that shows what an amazing place this is.

THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.  My neighbor Heather has promised to raise THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS to help children with cancer and other life threatening diseases to do something they never could have done under normal circumstances.  What she does not raise, she has to find a way to provide.

Can you imagine making that commitment?  Honestly, I would not have been able to.  Raise $3,000 or pay what you do not raise.  I am so proud of Heather.  SO SO PROUD.

Proud enough that I am making a modest donation myself, and am asking if any of you can help too.   ANY amount… it all adds up.  I want to help in any way I can.  I love Heather, and I love what she is doing.  I don’t have enough money to make a significant dent, but I have an online voice that can help her reach her goal.

This young lady who is so far from home and family.  Whose husband seems more away than in her arms.   This crazy neighbor who makes my daughter constantly giggle by calling her Kiddoppotamus.   She is the reason I’m using my blog to ask for help in her effort to help very sick children.  That is just how she rolls – looking for ways to do for others.

If you are able, can you help Heather raise this money for these kids?


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  • Ron

    Awesome…and I mean AWESOME post, Katherine!

    And like you, midway through the video I was bawling. I think Paul Newman summed it up perfectly when he said, “This place is a different kind of healing.” I soooo agree! I believe that true healing starts with the ‘spirit.’ Therefore a place like, “Hole In The Wall Gang Camp” does just that….it nurtures and heals the spirit; giving strength, hope, love and support to heal the body!

    Your friend Heather sounds like an AMAZING lady! And brava to her commitment for raising money in the New York City Marathon for this wonderful cause!

    You’re an inspiration to us all, Heather! You GO, girl!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post, dear Katherine! I will head over to the website link you left and check it out!


    • Ron, you would love Heather. She is sweet, tough, funny and surprisingly naughty in a VERY hysterical way. The things she has casually has said in front of my mother makes my mouth open wide in shock LOL… and of course laughter. So you watched the video? The whole thing? I just couldn’t… I am such a wimp. I wasn’t tearing up by the second line, I was BAWLING.

      • Ron

        Heather sounds like my kinda gal!

        Yes, I did watch the whole video and it was faaaaabulous!


  • You friend sounds amazing. I contributed a bit toward her pledge and wish her the best at meeting her goal.

    • Cheryl, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am putting mine in today. I often get discouraged at the way the world seems to be going, and then I hear about places like Hole in the Wall AND I see people like you helping and I am lifted up by the good that IS out there! THANK YOU!!!!

  • The Hole in the Wall Gang is close to my heart & an integral part of the NASCAR family of drivers. Kyle Petty teamed up with Newman to create Victory Junction, a camp for these kids. Almost every NASCAR driver is associated with THWG & VJ in one way or another.

    Your neighbor sounds amazing. I’ll head over and toss a couple of pennies in the bucket. No way I’m watching that movie. THAT would be too much.

    • THANK YOU CHERYL! I had never heard of Hole in the Wall until Heather. Honestly, she is such a good person. When you are getting new neighbors you worry… what if they are not very nice people. I was BLESSED to have them move next door. It will be a sad SAD day when they get orders to move. So I enjoy all my time I can with them – although my daughter manages to get even MORE time over there! I am sure I will be hearing much more about Hole in the Wall now that I know the name. What an amazing thing these people do! And again, THANK YOU!

      • Military families lead a life I can’t imagine & must force them to be outgoing even if that’s not their comfort zone. She sounds delightful & it’s wonderful your daughter has a young adult to hang out with. Must be comforting to know she’s in safe hands.

        When I went to Heather’s donation site I was impressed to see that this money is being raised for the {VJ} camps associated with the Gang. Such a great cause. Hope she makes her goal. I think it’s a requirement to run in the marathon as a non-profit runner.

  • Heather R

    Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for the encouragement and financial support! it really means a-lot to me. My husband and I just got back from a 10k race and while we were there I got email notifications of donations which thrilled me to no end. 🙂 I loved my time as a camp counselor and miss all the kids I had as campers when I worked at Sea world San Diego. I am hoping to one day visit Camp Hole in the Wall.
    Many many thanks and hugs! Heather Rasmussen aka Katherines silly Neighborapotamous!

  • Heather has amazing strength and tenacity. The sacrifice members of the military and their families make on behalf of our country cannot be quantified. They are true heroes.

    We view life through a different lens than the families of servicemen.

    I live in Ridgefield, CT. I think The Hole in the Wall Gang might be in Westport, which is on the Long Island Sound. I’ll check out the link. What an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing the story and pictures.

  • Mel

    What an awesome thing……. Went there, read that–watched the video and got choked up. She gives ya reasons to BE proud.

  • Lyndsie

    Katherine, I love that you shared so much about Miss Heather! I have know her since we were in first grade and her mama was my teacher! I love her dearly and wish her all life has to offer! I will round up some clams to throw her way! I’m so glad she has wonderful people around like you and your family. Thank you

    • Heather

      Miss you like crazy Lyndsie! We need to get together soon now that we are on the same coast!

  • Heather R

    An update on fundraising I am now up to $2,020.60 getting closer to my $3,000. Hope to achieve it by 20 OCT. A big thanks to all that have donated so far!

  • Heather

    I am up to just over $2500, The good news my charity is letting me have an extension so if anyone still wants to donate there is still time before 17 Nov.

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