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It’s The Little Things In Life That Can Bring You Joy
Published on Monday, April 26, 2010 by

Saturday morning I went to the grocery store with my middle teen.  My goal was to shop as quickly as possible, since grocery shopping is my least favorite thing to do on a weekend.

We zipped through the produce, ran by the pasta section and stopped short in the soup can aisle.  “Mom, check it out!”

My eyes followed his gaze to the very top shelf.  It was there that I saw two of these amazing structures:

campbell's soup can art

I could not begin to reach the top of this shelf; much less stack Campbell’s Soup cans all topsy turvy.  Whoever did this was tall, artistic and had a steady hand.   My son and I stood there simply enjoying the Campbell’s Soup can structures, wondering at how they were stacked and when.  We laughed, took a picture and moved on with grins on our faces.

Later in the trip I realized I had forgotten the hot sauce.  I made a U turn and walked past the soup aisle just as an employee discovered the leaning stacks ‘o soup.  “Oh WOW!  George, you gotta come over and see this!”  George turned the corner and had the same reaction.  “That’s AWESOME!”  Two grins from them and yet another from me.

You don’t need fancy clothes and riches to make you happy.  Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all the difference.  The cute baby in line, the blooming flower in your yard or the Campbell’s Soup can art you come across at your local Bottom Dollar.

Over the last few weeks, have you come across somebody or something that has given you a surprise grin or chuckle?  Or have you done something that you know made someone else smile?

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  • Jen

    I was sure you were going to say you went back and knocked it over when you grabbed the hot sauce. Whew!

    • Who ME?! 😉 That would have been like kicking down someone’s sandcastle! 🙂

  • I find campbell’s really yummy, all flavors are good. I especially like cream of mushroom soup, delish!

    • Michelle, I wish they had less salt though!

  • Oh My Gosh! That IS totally super cool!

    • Meleah Rebeccah, Yup! I have a few cans of soup at home… I plan to break them out and try the same balancing act… just to see if I can do it!

      • @Katherine, YES!! You should try it at home and see if it works, and I will need photos!!!!

  • Jen

    I didn’t mean that you would do it on purpose, just that it might, you know, happen because that’s what you do. It’s your thing.

  • Jen

    hey, I’m not getting the follow up comments by email.

    • @Jen, Dang! There must be a setting I’m missing… thanks for telling me Jen…

    • Jen, tell me if you get emailed from this comment. Thanks!

  • I wonder how they did that. Definitely let us know how your experiment goes and if you are able to reproduce the sculpture. If you are, let us know how you did it.

    • @Anne, I am going to get my middle son on it. He always built things – I bet he can do it! I’ll post it if he does it!

  • Emm

    That is awesome! I wonder if someone actually managed to do that on purpose or whether it was just random?

    • @Emm, It was on purpose b/c there were two of them. I thought I took more pictures, but only one turned out. I was thinking it might have been a night worker who had a ladder of some sort.. maybe someone stocking?

  • Brilliant!

    • @JoyACookin’, Thanks for visiting! Just left a comment on your blog… can’t believe CHOCOLATE FORMULA!

  • I have to agree, someone knew what they were doing. Wonder if anyone did end up knocking it down. I can’t figure out how it is staying up there but then I couldn’t have done that to save my life. Great pictures.

    • @Marg, Thanks! Turned out pretty good for a slow blackberry storm LOL!

  • Haha, that “can sculpture” is really impressive!

    • @Alaina, I bet there is “can art” on the web… I’ll have to check it out!

  • You’re right. It’s the little things. I’m glad you had your camera to take that shot and share with us. Very cool!

    • @Junk Drawer Kathy, There are so many times when I am not paying attention to ANYTHING and then something silly catches my eye and makes me smile. Even a cool cloud or silly child… it helps me forget the day to day stress!

  • brilliant!;)

  • One of my favorite things is finding a reason to smile, in a group of people you don’t know – your eyes meet you grin and for just a second you feel connected instead of alone in a group of people. It’s awesome.

  • You are right, it does not need a lot of cost to smile. Simple things that we had pass or seen everyday can smile us, which reminds us of our simple life. I used to like commute every day when i got work or got home from work, i seen lots of things on my way, observing how life was it going, after what my thought is flowing for stressful day, and usually head turn with things that’s really caught my eyes, reminding this is life. We don’t need to be serious but enjoy most of it.

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