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Blogger’s Got A Gun
Published on Sunday, August 14, 2011 by

remington 870

“Mom, I finally figured out what I want for my birthday.  I want a gun.”

Have you heard these words at any time in your life?  Because if you have not, I can tell you, they will stop you in your tracks.  At least they did me.

My son has received extensive training in firearm safety.  He placed second in an NRA competition.  He is level headed, responsible and generally a good kid.  His 18th birthday?  Just this weekend.

After much thought, discussion and help from a hunter friend, I carried myself to Bass Pro Shops for a gun buying adventure.

bass pro gun rack

I am one of those people who feels guilty walking in to an ABC store.  So imagine my hesitation as I approached the gleaming display of guns.

“I assume this is for you.  Don’t you want to hold it before you buy it?”  Nervous chuckle.  “Umm, no you go ahead and just box it up.”  Nervous chuckle.

Tons of paperwork and a police check later, I was at the cash register.  My worst crime?  They didn’t take my type of debit card so I <gasp!> wrote a check.  Did you know it is harder to pay by check these days then it is to buy a gun?

It took a fifteen-minute phone call to finally get my check approved.  Fourteen of those minutes were simply hold time.  Shouldn’t the long phone call have been to determine if I was competent enough to buy a firearm rather than if I could pay by check?  I’m just sayin.

During my wait, I noticed a price sticker on the floor.  I picked it up, read it and then re-read it.  And then I laughed.  And laughed, and laughed and laughed.

hot sauce

Do you own a gun?  Was it a pain in the an adventure when you purchased it?  Or was it more of an adventure the last time you tried to pay by check?

mom blog

  • When I was 15, my parents were talking about someone who had turned 21 so I shouted, “now they can buy a gun!”  Being Canada and kinda from a conservative family, that didn’t go over very well.

  • My dad owns a couple of guns and does some target practice and skeet shooting. A couple of years ago, I asked him if I could go with him. His response was “Sure. First, here are a few items you should study.” Then he handed me manuals, legal requirements, instructional brochures…about a month’s worth of reading. I still haven’t gone shooting with him!

    • Your comment made me laugh out loud, literally! Sometimes the desire to do something does NOT outweigh the paperwork!!!

  • Oh boy! Am I glad there wasn’t any gun toting in these recent riots!  No such thing as gun shops (as such) in the UK thankfully.  I think I’d be scared to even hold one 🙂

    • I was nervous holding this when I got it home, trust me! It has a lock on it and there is NO ammunition in the house…. that can be purchased after his hunter safety course!

      Where do people buy guns then, for hunting?

  • Ron

    OMG….that last photo of the price tag made me HOWL!

    How funny is that?

    No, I don’t actually own a gun but I’ve been to a professional shooting range. A woman I use to work with owned several guns, so she took me over so I could try shooting one. I did it because I wanted to know what it was like to actually hold a gun and what it felt like when it shot. It was actually a very invigorating experience, yet I thought it would be scary.

    I’m glad I did it.

    • If you look at the price tag REALLY REALLY carefully… you can see it is the name of a hot sauce. I don’t think I would want a hot sauce called “pain in the ass.” It hurts to think about it.

  • We are both ex-cops so we have lots of guns.  I’ve not tried writing a check in years.  After reading this post I’m not going to either.  Much easier than buying the 870.  Oh hubby and I have his and hers 870s.

    Have a terrific day.   🙂

    • HOW COOL!!!! I saw a list of the top twenty guns in the world and the 870 was number two. So I am sure this is a great starter gun for my son. I really REALLY want to shoot now – my neighbor said she would take me and my daughter to the range. Can’t wait!

  • What’s the deal with that price tag!? That’s really funny!

    I am toying with the idea of taking Princess Gail handgun shopping, for her! And then to a firing range. We don’t know ANYTHING about guns. Neither of us have ever shot one. But I think it would be a fun date! 🙂

    • You two need to go for it!!!! My neighbor is taking me and my TEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER to the shooting range on the base to shoot some of her smaller guns. I have been told, “I am not ready for a 12 gauge yet.” ha! I agree though, start small. My neighbor shot her first gun at eight years old, has killed bear, deer, coyote… I will NEVER hunt, I love animals too much, but I sure would love to shoot!

  • Shut the f@*%  up Donny! That sign is HILARIOUS! Ahahahahhahahahhahahaa

  • I am not a gun person so, no, I don’t have one.  I am sure I would end up shooting myself in the foot (literally) if I were to ever have one.  How did you know which one to buy?

    • I have a co-worker that has hunted all of his life. He researched, visited Bass pro and found just the right one. My son had a few things in particular he wanted, like 12 gauge and pump action. But I went in with a specific gun written on a piece of paper, otherwise I would have been lost!

  • Gino Madjus

    he wow too many guns…. thats so funnyyy especially the price tag…. “pain in the ass” haahha… 

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