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But Where Is My ShamWow?
Published on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 by

In the 80’s, I used to have black stretch pants, black spiked heels and big hair.  I had no wrinkles, no stretch marks and I drove a really cool car-seat-less sports car.  I loved me some blue iced tea and danced without abandon to “Melt with You.”

Today, I am officially 44 years old.  It is a day after my birthday and I am missing work because I have two sick children at home.  I am excited about having time to get the laundry done and to clean out the old food from the refrigerator.

And right now, I am sitting on the couch wearing snow man slippers (a gift from my oldest last year) and… are you ready?  A Snuggie.  As seen on TV.  It was a gift.

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  • Wish I could snuggle up with a snuggie and some slippers. To much to do, I think that the only thing that would let me do that is to I myself get sick. I wish you and yours wellness especially with the upcoming holidays.

  • Jen

    My son has a Snuggie. He and his friends went to the MOA (Mall of America) last year with all their Christmas money and bought Snuggies and ShamWows. They are strange kids. The Snuggie is really just a big dog hair magnet that is rarely worn but often on the floor. I’m glad you are using yours the proper way. Happy Birthday!

  • Sure it was.

    Tee hee, aren’t they just the same as a dressing gown put on backwards? And Sham Wows rock. Great for wiping down my ab blaster.

  • I tried to add a link, but apparently it didn’t work for some reason. I guess I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

    They have a pe version of the snuggies now: http://www.petco.com/product/110305/Snuggie-for-Dogs-in-Blue—As-Seen-on-TV.aspx

  • Awesome. I got for Christmas from my mother and I don’t know anyone who really has one of these. I do love mine though.

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