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Breaking the Rules
Published on Friday, June 29, 2012 by

Normally I am not a rule breaker.  But when it comes to stupid rules, it is just so TEMPTING, don’t you think?

Or those “don’t go in there rules.”  I see those and think, “Oh really?  And why not?!”  Of course, that is usually what people say just before their heads are chopped off in horror movies, right?

horror film

This past fall we broke a few rules while hiking.  Oops!

Nansemond indian tribe

We broke a rule or two crossing a police line.

Beach hosue fire

And while waiting for Grandma at the airport, I was actually told child protective services would be called if we didn’t stop filming.  NO LIE.  CHILD-PROTECTIVE-SERVICES.  Needless to say, WE STOPPED.  (Funny how you can beat your child in public legally or tell them to “shut the fuck up,” but you can’t make a silly video while waiting for Grandma?)

Yup.  Some rules are meant to be broken, while some are not.  But the ones meant to be broken?  They are oh-so-sweet to break.

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  • Alura Delorean-Darkstar

    So… people will watch other people beat the snot out of their kids and do nothing, but you make a silly video and you’re somehow a bad parent? I call BULLS*IT on whoever thinks that way! 

    I suppose, though… Heaven Forbid kids have any fond childhood memories (/sarcasm).

    • I’m not sure it was about parenting so much as filming in an airport -a security concern these days.  And if the kid fell off the handrail and got hurt?  Lawsuit.

      • I have to disagree with you here, God. If that was really the case, they would have threatened to call the police or security, not child services.

        • They might’ve said both -I don’t know, I wasn’t there.  If it was after he rode the handrail it was probably a safety concern.  I dunno.  Maybe they just thought it looked bad to other passengers -it’s not a playground.  I can see the ‘harmless fun’ aspect of it, but I can see their side too.

          •  If I were God… Oh absolutely.  No jokes in airports.  It was about 1 in the morning and we were WAY far from any airport activity… not near the gates, so it didn’t even occur to me.  When the guy told me about calling protective services a lightbulb went off… oh CRAP this is a freaking AIRPORT after 9/11.  So yes, that was stupid on my part.  But the child protective thing really made me think, “huh?”

  • Why is it holding over ‘dirty old man’?  I put that in the Cheese blog as a joke and now it’s carrying over even though I changed it!  Oy….

  • nonamedufus

    Crazy. Yes, some rules are made to be broken. Why else do they say there’s an exception to every rule?

  • Not a rule breaker here either, at least not the big ones, the ones that can land you in big trouble.

  • Seriously? Child protective services? I could see that going over well. Sometimes people are such morons with their threats. 

  • CPS?  No.  Just send him to the pokey.  And his mom too.  LOL!

  • Ron

    Katherine, that video CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG…that last frame of your son on the railing made me HOWL!!!!

    “But the ones meant to be broken?  They are oh-so-sweet to break.”

    HA! Agreed!

    Have a faaaaaabulous weekend!


  • I remember that video! And I totally get why they threatened to call child services. I mean, besides the fact that they were stupid. Obviously, that child is mistreated. Anyone with half a brain can see that. Actually, only people with half a brain could see that. 😉 

  • How could you abuse your child like that? 😉  Seriously. It’s a world gone mad!

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