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Breaking the Rules
Published on Friday, June 29, 2012 by

Normally I am not a rule breaker.  But when it comes to stupid rules, it is just so TEMPTING, don’t you think?

Or those “don’t go in there rules.”  I see those and think, “Oh really?  And why not?!”  Of course, that is usually what people say just before their heads are chopped off in horror movies, right?

horror film

This past fall we broke a few rules while hiking.  Oops!

Nansemond indian tribe

We broke a rule or two crossing a police line.

Beach hosue fire

And while waiting for Grandma at the airport, I was actually told child protective services would be called if we didn’t stop filming.  NO LIE.  CHILD-PROTECTIVE-SERVICES.  Needless to say, WE STOPPED.  (Funny how you can beat your child in public legally or tell them to “shut the fuck up,” but you can’t make a silly video while waiting for Grandma?)

Yup.  Some rules are meant to be broken, while some are not.  But the ones meant to be broken?  They are oh-so-sweet to break.

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