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Booger Check!
Published on Friday, February 22, 2013 by

Day 22 of the blog writing challenge brings us “compulsively.”


Check my text messages.

Did I lock the door?

Do I have a booger?

Wear only velor.

Time to wash hands.

Don’t step on a crack!

Can I miss ONE post?!??


(and Mike, but the damn thing wouldn’t fit)

nasty bathroom

Compulsiveness.  What do I do compulsively?  Not much, really.  When adsense was big, I would check that compulsively.  Every time I walk out of a public restroom, I check my shoe for toilet paper.  Compulsive?   TECHNICALLY, I am KNOWN for walking out of public restrooms with a TP train… so maybe I get a pass on that one.

When I sneeze, I do a tiny sign of the cross with my finger… yea, that not only is compulsive, it is kinda crazy.  Oh!  And I hold my breath when I drive over a state border.  AND I do “Popeye!” and kiss my hand, then touching it to the top of my car when I see a vehicle without a headlight.  Well, it DOES add another year of life to your car, you know.

Apparently, there is a fine line between old wives tales, superstition, compulsiveness and INSANITY.


I am completely insane.


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