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Blue Crabs, Fried or Steamed
Published on Thursday, January 29, 2015 by

Today’s blog writing challenge is, “Steamed.”

Blue crabs. Steamed. MMMmmmmmmmm.

Virginia Blue Crabs

You would think that I enjoy blue crabs quite often, living in Hampton Roads and being surrounded by water. Sadly, this is a tourist area, as is Corolla. The minute the season hits the prices for blue crabs skyrocket.

We live across the street from tidal waters that are filled with blue crabs. Several of our friends have docks, and I have a crab trap. Sadly, recent water testing resulted in reports noting that residents should never even THINK about eating shellfish pulled out of there. Enough said.

I prefer my blue crabs steamed with beer and Old Bay Seasoning. We cover the picnic table with newspaper, throw a bowl of potato chips in the middle and add empty bowls for shells. Everyone has the option of using melted butter, vinegar and/or Old Bay for dipping. That is, if they dip at all.

The average price I saw for blue crabs on the way to Corolla was $75 a bushel. That actually isn’t too bad, but the price was for small crabs and there was never a guarantee they would have them. My neighbor purchased a dozen jimmies for $250 for her family. THAT was the average price in Corolla for blue crabs last summer, and she wasn’t even guaranteed them until the day she was to pick them up!

My co-worker and I once scored both steamed and fried blue crabs from a place remote enough that not many know about it. All they do is crabs, period. When we walked in, all eyes turned to us. We were the only Caucasian people in the place. This isn’t news except for what happened next. The person in front of us in line turned and said, “What are YOU two doing here?”

We ended up having a great conversation with this person, we scored some wonderful blue crabs and all was right with the world.

fried blue crabs at Eddies

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