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Shoot Me NowCan a Blog Roll Hurt Your Google Rank?

Can a Blog Roll Hurt Your Google Rank?
Published on Saturday, December 29, 2012 by

google and blogrolls

It’s something I’ve wondered for quite some time.  After all, Google wants “some” external links but not a “lot” of external links.  So if you have a long blogroll, would it not hurt your Google rankings?

How many times have I not put something on one of my sites because I was afraid of what Google might do.  Too many.  After all, Google rules the internet.

Recently I started to poke around the blogs I read (yes, that’s you) and many of you not only have blogrolls, but you have higher Google page rank.  So your blogroll can’t be hurting, correct?

I’m white hat.  Always have been.  And you know what else I am?  Forgetful.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been tooling around on the net and thought, “Oh no, I forgot about so-and-so’s site!”  It’s like realizing you haven’t called an old friend in quite some time.

So I’m gonna go to that blogroll cliff… and JUMP.

If you read my blog, I want you on the list.  My biggest fear is I am going to forget someone.  Then that someone will look at my blogroll and say, “Whah?  I’m not on it?”

Help a forgetful girl out.  If you have a blog, please leave your link and the title you want in a comment below.  Or simply put the link as your URL, but give me the name you want as your title.

And while you are at it, do you have your own blogroll?  Or have you ever had one and taken it off?  What are your thoughts?

P.S.  Yes, my stupid theme is still broken from the new WordPress update.  WOOT.

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  • Ron

    ” After all, Google wants “some” external links but not a “lot” of external links. So if you have a long blogroll, would it not hurt your Google rankings?”

    Wow…I never really thought about that?!?! However, I do know that Google watches how many external links you have on your blog, or links that lead repeatedly to the same website. In fact, I used to have a product review blog in which I did a review on an eyeglass company YEARS ago. About two months ago, I got an email from the company asking me to REMOVE the links on the blog post review I wrote about them because Google had informed them that they had too many links leading to their website and that they were going be penalized.

    Yup…Google rules the Internet!

  • Oddly enough, I’ve never looked at my in Google or any other kind of ranking system even when I cared about that stuff. I used to follow the SITS womenz and a couple of months ago read an article about having too many links within your posts can damage your cred unless you use some kind of ‘no follow’ link. I’d never seen it before but found it by mistake when I was adding a link in ‘Compose’ mode on Blogger.

    Early on I had a blogroll but I kept adding and subtracting from it so often, I finally let it go. I stopped using GFC when they threatened to kill it for non-Blogger blogs (did they finally do away with it?). Now I just copy and paste the blog’s link and voila! It’s in my Blogger list. I can see all the blogs I follow but no one else can (that started as a way not to offend but have realized that it’s kinda silly).

    I’m not a blogger’s blogger so don’t know much about what hurts or helps. The SITS womenz and Eli Rose Social Media(?) are great resources for what to do and not to do in the great big internets. Good luck out there. I know you’ll land safely on your feet.

  • I do have a blog roll that I hadn’t updated forever….mostly because I never think of it. I never pay attention to my page rank as it just would depress me. There is another blogger that lives near me who had no following on her blog up to the point one of her posts went viral. She went from zero to thousands in a matter of weeks. The thing I notice about her blog is it is really mean spirited. Not just a little bit…she is not making a few funny little pokes…she is being ugly mean BUT now she has a huge number of followers and quite a few advertisers. So what do I know?
    As for being linked to your blog, I would love it. I will put you on my blog roll as well.

  • Mel

    Might as well be talking Greek here–cuz I have noooo clue what you’re speaking of or about!
    But I just hang around cuz I get to and can. I adore the medium and the paths that get crossed with mine. There always seems to be purpose in that–and it just wows my socks off!

    I don’t keep links to other web logs unless the person is okay with that. I’m not sure if that’s just courtesy on my part, but it feels right for ME to ask and add as permission is given.
    I don’t have a host of them–but I do have permission for the ones I’ve listed.
    Does that give me some sort of ‘status’ or ‘ranking’ somewhere?
    *laughing* Like I’d care?
    Notsomuch. But I do appreciate that others have different objectives and missions in this web log adventure.
    Oh…..and I rather liked the whiteness this morning. It caused me to pay attention cuz something was ‘different’ at your place. 😉

  • Hey Katherine. I wanted to stop by to wish you a Happy New Year. I look forward to ogling many more of your fantastic photos in 2013. And reading your funny stories.

    I have a blogroll. I keep it on a separate page because it’s a long list. I’d really like to add it to the home page. Damn! I should have thought to add your blog. Now, I will. I get easily distracted and often forget things when I’m surfing the net.

    Have an awesome 2013!

  • Katherine, you worry too much! Have a blogroll if you want. Warm it in the oven and butter it if you want. Frak Google!

    Seriously, if you own your blog, Google can’t censor you. And your ranking isn’t as important as the joy you get from writing and from your peeps.

    Yes, I have always had a blogroll, for my favorite people and blogs. I need to update it, because some blogs come and go. You’re on mine, as you know, and there you will stay, because I think you’re great!

  • Happy Google Year, Katherine! I keep a blog roll because it helps me stay in touch with my favorite bloggers. I never knew there were penalties for keeping too long a list. (I think I might have to spend a long time in the penalty box.)

  • I’ve never used Google Reader to keep up with blogs. I’m old school and use my blog roll instead.

  • Happy New Year Katherine! We’ve had a blog roll forever but I think I’ve managed to update it twice in 3 years! I always forget… kind of like my passwords! 🙂

  • I use my blog roll for most of the sites I visit, and yes, you are on it. Never got on board with Google readers or the like, My page rank is not impressive, so it doesn’t matter all that much either way.

    Just sign me “Roses to Rainbows”.

    Happy New Year!

  • I had a blogroll, but then when ONE of the blogs on my blogroll had a problem, it made my site be classified as a “possible attack site” because of that one bad link. So I had to remove my blogroll. I use my Google reader now.

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    I’m in! I don’t have a huge blogroll, but I’m not afraid to add people if I … um … think of it. Yep, I’m like you. White hat and forgetful! LOL!

    My blog is at, and you can put me in as Jay! Thanks!

  • Barb

    Hi Katherine- I keep a blogroll as well, otherwise I may forget about people I enjoy reading. I like it because it automatically updates so I can see when people have a new post up. And yes, you are on it! 🙂

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