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Shoot Me NowAnd Today’s Photo Challenge Involves WHEELS!

And Today’s Photo Challenge Involves WHEELS!
Published on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 by

My wheels.  My used and abused wheels.  Yet they continue to take me where I need to go.  AND?  They caused me to almost break a photo contest rule.  AGAIN.


The rule I almost broke?  The dreaded 250 words or less rule.  Because with this photo came a blog post.  A post that was well over 250 words.  So tonight I slapped my hand, created a REAL blog post on my wheels and left this as my “legal” photo challenge photo.

HERE ARE MY AMAZING, AWESOME AND VERY TIRED WHEELS.  Thank you wheels, for keeping up with me and my busy children!

nissan quest wheels


mom blog

  • Oh my, M just got new wheels and I’m pretty sure his didn’t look as tired as yours. 😉

  • They are so important and we don’t think about them often do we? I now feel like I should do something special for my tires.

  • Those are big wheels. Love the angle of this shot.

  • Very cool shot. The fact that the near tree and the distant tree mirror each other like they were part of the plan is simply a coincidence, clearly. I’d like to say that is a Merc, but hey, I’m really not sure.

  • I like the angle, too.  Looks like your wheels will need to be “re-tired” soon.


  • I thought it was a double post and now I get it.  I’m also glad those wheels have gotten you and yours from point A to point Z so many times. 

    Have a terrific day.  🙂

  • Nice!  Those trusty wheels have done right by you and yours!

  • I was confused by your post that I read last night…especially referencing this post, which wasn’t there yet. Now I can go back and read it and be less confused. 🙂

    • I had to be at work early, so I followed the rules (no rule breaking here!) and scheduled my photo post for 6 a.m.  That left about two hours of confusion.  I like to make people guess.  (OK OK I didn’t know what else to do)  ha ha!

  • Anonymous

    I love it that you’re either extremely short or that you laid on the ground to take the photo. That shows gumption, and I love a woman with gumption. Not too much gumption, because that’s messy and requires solvents to remove. But a little bit is perfect. Nice photo. I think I’ll read the post next, and your solution to the rule problem is very creative.

  • Nice perspective and I’m glad you didn’t break another rule. That whip of Ziva’s hurts like hell.

  • Nicely done Katherine! And I can totally relate to those tired wheels. Well, actually, my car can relate to those tired wheels! 

  • dogearedcopy

    LOL, I read your other post first and was equally confused about what was going on until I read the comments.  I admit, I almost thought I would see a picture of an iceberg 🙂

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