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Something I Hate
Published on Sunday, April 8, 2012 by

Photo Challenge, Day 506.  No wait, Day NINE.  The subject?  Something I Hate.

black jelly beans



mom blog

  • Are they licorice, because I actually like licorice? My grandmother always had licorice and I loved it, and associate it with memories of her. 🙂

  • Cadeaux

    I am with you there – I hate those things!  Best photo of one I’ve ever seen, tho.  🙂

  • Oh TOTALLY!  They’re like a nasty mockery of yummy Easter goodness.

  • Now in my family, my mother and sister and I would be the ones buying the bags that they make of just black jelly beans. We all love licorice. It is a cool photo and a great take on the topic!

  • Oh yes. Black jellybeans are SO nasty! Ewwww!! 

  • Mmm…sweet bitter anise flavoured jellybeans. It’s like candied Sambuca and they’re delish!

  • I don’t like licorice either.   I’m with you on this one.

    Have a terrific day.   🙂

  • I love this picture. I don’t mind black jelly beans (the red ones are the best though) but I love the perspective of this photograph. The jelly bean looks gigantic. Like a giant black licorice egg. Very cool, Katherine!

  • Great photo!  I don’t mind the black jellybeans.  Actually, I don’t like jellybeans.  So the color won’t matter!

  • For a minute there I thought you hated black stones, which I thought was a bit harsh and possibly pointed towards insanity. Of course, now it’s clear you hate black jellybeans I think you’re cleared…

  • Anonymous

    How can you hate black jelly beans? One, they’re black and black is the most awesome color in the universe, which is why the universe is mostly black instead of, say, pink or orange. In fact, can you image how weird it would be if the universe was pink? Instead of looking up into the night sky and seeing bright white stars twinkling on an expanse of velvety blackaliciousness, you’d look up and see them twinkling on pink. Yuck. That would be sickening, like living inside a wad of cotton candy, or Paris Hilton’s favorite panties.

    Two, black jelly beans taste like black licorice, and black licorice is yummy, unlike red licorice, which shouldn’t even be called licorice because licorice is the name of a plant that tastes like licorice and red licorice doesn’t taste anything like licorice. Which is more times than I thought it was possible to say licorice in one sentence. I probably deserve an award or something. Maybe a bag of black jelly beans.

  • What MikeWJ said. Except that part about the award. I love black jelly beans, black licorace and black jujubes. I don’t like peas, though. But they’re not candy so I’m not missing anything.

  • I love black jellybeans! And this photo, too, the jellybean looks sort of alien.

  • I thought it was a turd from something eating your gardens. Perhaps a bunny?

    Love black jelly beans too but nowhere near as much as the fancy pants kind with flavors like cinnamon, spearmint, and butterscotch.

  • Mel


    That’s okay…..that just means MORE FOR ME!  LOL

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