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It’s Not All Black And White!
Published on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 by

black and white spider with spikes

This month’s photo challenge theme was “Black and White.” I began by taking pictures of things that were black and white. And then I remembered my camera has a black and white setting. Something I never think to use.

This challenge gave me a new perspective on how I can capture images in a completely different way. I never would have thought to take black and white pictures of surfers or birds.

This photo challenge was a happy surprise, as it taught me that photography doesn’t always have to be black and white… because you can take your pictures in black and white!

1.  One of the local Corolla surfers on a beautiful September day.


2.  The largest staircase I have ever seen coming off the dunes of Corolla.  It will be the one I visit immediately after a hurricane.  I just don’t see how it can make it through!

ocean sands stairs

3.  My son purchased a pirate flag the first summer he stayed at the beach house.  He flew it until it split through the middle.  I presented him with a new pirate flag last month.  The old one is in a place of honor at the house.

pirate flag

4.  We had a week or two when several horseshoe crabs washed up dead.  There is a strange beauty in their alien-like features.

horseshoe crab

5.  This seagull fought off a few others to get this tasty little black drum.  He was looking at me saying, “This is MY tasty meat!”

sea gull eating black drum

mom blog

  • You and your disgusting, yet fascinating creatures form the sea!

    Seriously though, I love these shots. Especially the surfer and the staircase 🙂

  • GeoKs

    A fascinating virtual glimpse of the seashore is very appealing to me – someone who lives hundreds and hundreds of kilometers from the nearest ocean! You’re right about the dead horseshoe crab being visually interesting (probably smelled pretty interesting, too). I clicked through to your “always” link – two thumbs up on that one, too!

  • That staircase shot is amazing. But the surfer; you snapped that one at the perfect time. Well done.

  • You did some great black and white shots. Wow.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  • Ron

    “because you can take your pictures in black and white!”

    Yes, I discovered the same thing with my new camera as well, Katherine. Because before that, I was using a photo editing software to turn my colored shots into black and white.

    Faaaaaaaabulous captures! I love them ALL, but the one of the stairs really touched me because I love how you captured the highlights and low lights. I also love the whole composition of that shot.

    My friend, you have such a natural eye for photography. WELL DONE!


    • Ron

      P.S. Oh, and I also love that first colored shot of the spider and web. Brilliant!

    • Thanks Ron! Those stairs were SO HIGH AND SO BIG… Mom and I were walking and came across them and were stunned. They are brand new… we had never seen them before. They were almost scary… I could not imagine kids going across and not being nervous. I started to play with angles at the stairway and I really liked how this one turned out. Oh and the spider was crazy! It was white with black spots and it had spikes. I couldn’t get a good shot but I wanted to add it for fun. 🙂

  • Paul Myers

    Having never seen a Horseshoe crab before, I find those creatures quite fascinating. I like your take on the B&W theme and I particularly like the surfer shot.

    And it’s always better to take the shots in color and then convert to B&W. If you take in B&W, then you have no recourse but to post in B&W. When you take in color, you then have so many more options.

  • Lisa

    I love the detail in the surfer shot! Great capture. I also LOVE the simplicity of the beach staircase. Wonderful captures all around.

  • Some great images here. Love the surfing one. And there’s something about your second one. I really like it. A great selection!

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