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Birthdays, Birthdays EVERYWHERE!
Published on Monday, November 30, 2009 by

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It seems birthdays are everywhere in my little world.  There is a cluster of birthdays just before December and a cluster shortly following.

On that note, I would like to say a very Happy Birthday to my wonderful nephew Tommy from Cook Up Fun.  Tommy is a ROCK STAR in the kitchen, so every recipe he has on his blog is going to be a winner.  Yes, I am a day late.  But Tommy is very forgiving when it comes to “Aunt Kathy,” whose brain is never quite where it should be at any given time.

And speaking of birthdays – mine is tomorrow.  I’ve gone from a child who could not WAIT for birthdays to a middle aged woman who cringes at the word.  Birthday.  <cringe>  Forty Four.  <double cringe> Egads, I am more than halfway through my life!

My middle son celebrated his own birthday Friday, which made me think about family traditions from past to present.  Birthdays in particular.  When I was growing up, you chose a special birthday dinner and did not open a single present until dinner was done and the cake (homemade, your choice of flavor) was served.

And even better, when it was your birthday the dog would vomit in your room first thing in the morning.  No kidding!  How she “knew” remains a mystery.  But for a few years, every birthday boy or girl would wake up to a nice bit of regurgitation on their bedroom floor.  Consider it an honor.

I’ve carried over the tradition of choosing your own meals and opening presents while you eat your selection of homemade cake.  Each child gets a friend party as well, but on the actual birthday we have a wonderful family dinner celebration.

Tomorrow will be sushi for me and an angel food cake with seven minute icing.  But being a mom, I’ll be watching the clock and rushing it all to be sure everyone gets to bed on time for school the next day.  Things certainly change over time, don’t they?

What do you do for your own birthday?  Do you have family traditions that you have continued as an adult?  Or have you started your own traditions?  Bonus points for dog regurgitation stories!

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