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Who Doesn’t Love A Balloon!
Published on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 by
Day 27, Nablopomo!
Isn’t it funny how one small action can lead to a tradition that haunts you for years?


I’m not sure what gave me the idea, but when my first born was young I decided to decorate his room the night before his birthday while he was sleeping.  Then, on his birthday, he would wake up to find himself surrounded by colorful balloons and streamers.  I will never forget his face the moment he opened his eyes.  It was a look of sheer wonder and surprise.
The following year he asked if his room would be decorated again.  Of course he asked just before bedtime the night before his birthday.  “Ummm… well…. Maybe?”  Once he was asleep I raced to a few stores in order to find streamers and balloons.  You can’t find balloons in just any store… “choking hazards” and all.
Since then I have decorated rooms on birthday-eves for three children.  As they grew and stayed up later than me, the decorations switched to the living room, den and kitchen rather than the bedroom.  Now it is exclusively the den. 
I will continue to decorate the night before birthdays until each of them has moved out of the house.  No one is too old for balloons and streamers in my home, period.  Nothing beats waking up on your birthday to find decorations in honor of your special day, no matter how old you are.
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Have you ever started a tradition by accident?  Or do you have any special traditions you’ve carried on from your own childhood?

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