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Which Would You Choose?
Published on Sunday, March 1, 2015 by

swimming octopus

On the way home from a family event this weekend, my middle son challenged us with a thoughtful question. “If you could have the traits of any animal in the world, what animal would it be and why? You would still be you but you could do things the animal does.”

I responded, “I would be a bi



Not only did he want us to respond, but he wanted us to explain what we would use the animal’s features for.

My son said he would begin, “I would choose an octopus. Then I could use camouflage, I could squeeze in to tight spaces and I would be strong, I would also have a defense mechanism and I could regenerate body parts.”

That answer was so good we all took our time deciding on a creature.

Finally, I chose a dolphin. I am truly at home in the ocean. If I had a dolphin’s features I could stay underwater for a long time. I could swim fast, ride the waves and use echolocation. I would also be able to communicate with other dolphins using clicking and whistling sounds.

Dolphins can stand cold water, which would enable me to swim longer in to the season. I could help drowning humans get to safety, I would be smart, graceful and I would always be smiling. What could be better?


I am now passing the question on to you and can’t wait to hear your answer!

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  • Ron

    Katherine, I love your animal of chose, a dolphin! That is so cool. And yes, they do look like they are always smiling 🙂

    Mine no doubt would be a tiger. Not only do I love the way they look, but they are strong, powerful and resilient. They have a great sense of smell and can see at night. They don’t attack unless they are hungry or provoked. Beautiful creatures they are!

    • They ARE beautiful. And powerful and gorgeous. That is a great choice! You would look freaking HOT with those stripes and your gorgeous blue eyes. But do you like your steak rare? 🙂

  • Self-healing Axolotl

    When one of these creatures is damaged (cut, or having a limb torn
    off), coagulation begins immediately – and new cells start to develop.
    In the case of a missing limb, a layer of skin cells begin to form from
    the cells at the location of the trauma. Following this, new tissues
    begin to grow: the axolotl is remarkable for its ability to generate new
    blood vessels, sinews, muscle, bone and even nerves. The length of time
    it takes to grow a brand new limb? Just a few months.

    The same regeneration occurs with non-vital organs, and even parts of
    the brain. It’s for these amazing healing abilities that the axolotl is
    commonly studied in laboratories around the world, which are hoping to
    someday pass on these traits to human beings. Source: http://listverse.com/2012/12/03/10-amazing-animal-abilities/

    • I had to look that up AND IT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!! Wow… if I was one of those I would offer cells to give to a study for cancer curing potential. Can you imagine being able to regenerate even parts of your brain? WOW!

  • This was an interesting exercise and you and your son chose well. I decided I would like to have the ability to change my shape and/or color. I thought of the chameleon, so I looked up animals that can change colors. There are a number of critters that can change their appearance and I chose the mimic octopus. There are a number of varieties and they have the ability to mimic other sea creatures. They sometimes mimic species far more dangerous than themselves, affording themselves protection, kind of like the Viceroy butterfly resembles the toxic Monarch.

    • OH WOW! That sounds so cool!!! I will look it up to see what it looks like. That would be AWESOME. You could mimic someone that isn’t holding up during a stressful situation and make everything correct. You could mimic a teacher encouraging a child when their regular teacher isn’t very good. You could mimic a rich person to get in to a fancy full restaurant. Ahhh the possibilities! And when you get tired of being a normal color you can change in to any color you want!

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