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Shoot Me NowBelieve it or Not… A New Post

Believe it or Not… A New Post
Published on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 by

The summer of three surgeries is what I like to call it.  And of illness.  Still.  I am currently fighting an infection that won’t go away, so prayers and positive vibes are OH so appreciated.  On top of that, my oldest – the cardiac arrest open heart surgery kid – was rear ended last week and is in terrible pain.  So I take it back. Switch all those positive thoughts to him as he is my greatest concern.  His heart is AOK though.  PHEW!

I haven’t had very much time for photos, but with Photographer’s Choice, I am back in the game.  What a wonderful way to start posting again.  You won’t be surprised that my theme is once again my escape…..Corolla.

  1.  I normally don’t take flower photos, but I saw these and couldn’t resist.  So fresh and beautiful before the cold weather comes.

Corolla Flowers

2.  This guy was hanging out on the pier at Whalehead.  He was more than happy for me to take his photo.  Or maybe not?

black bird Corolla

3.  This is Skip.  He is in rutting season.  I was told his neck is thick because of the testosterone pumping through his veins.  He has come out of hiding to find a girlfriend.  Future baby deer!

9 point deer

4.  Last weekend there were hundreds of baby mullet swimming at shore break.  I worked very hard to try and capture them under the water.  The glare makes it very hard, but as I told my friend, “I became one with nature” and got a few that I am really excited about!  This is my “Japanese” nature photo.

baby mullet obx

5.  This is what I call “the money shot.”  I took many MANY photos trying to capture the mullet in the tiny waves at the water’s edge.  Every time a tiny wave would come I put it in burst mode, attempting to capture the fish going, “Whoooooaaaaa!”  This is my favorite out of the bunch.

mullet in the water


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