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Before… and After
Published on Thursday, December 17, 2015 by

anomalous coronary artery surgery

I need to make this post brief. If I begin writing all the details of my last two weeks I believe my eventual meltdown will quickly ensue. And it isn’t quite time for that.

On December 5 at 4:00 a.m. I was woken up in Corolla by a police officer knocking at my door. My 22-year-old healthy son had collapsed, was in the emergency room and I had to return home immediately.

Since then, I cannot begin to tell you the roller coaster ride I have been on with him. If he had not collapsed in front of a friend who was trained in CPR, he would not have survived. When I stop to really think about that…to REALLY go there… to think of the ODDS of this happening, I have to stop.

I have lived with my son in the intensive care unit for almost two weeks now. I have seen horrors I cannot write about. I am sleep deprived. I have had to do things that no mother should have had to do. I have watched my healthy boy hang in the balance between life and death. All while physicians remained unsure of what caused his cardiac arrest and unsure of the correct path to take if he made it through.

Fast forward to now. We are in a top rated heart hospital. My son has an extremely rare heart condition called an anomalous coronary artery that is normally only detected during the autopsies of those who had it. Again, this is a place I can’t go in my mind. And tomorrow morning, they will be taking my first born child in to open heart surgery to “unroof the right coronary artery.”

Our lives have forever changed. I will always look at my life as “Before” and “After.”

My boy is TOUGH. He is a fighter. And he WILL SURVIVE.

He has a team of top-rated cardiologists who worked to find the problem and will work to fix the issue. In the best case scenario, they will repair what is wrong and my boy will live a normal and healthy life. If they get in and see a few other issues, things can still be repaired but he will have issues in his future.

As you can imagine, I haven’t been able to look at everyone’s blogs, at comments on this and won’t be able to for quite a while.  I’ll be back – I just need time.

In writing this, I have two very important requests of you all. The first is that you send every bit of positive energy our way, and if you pray, would you please pray for my son?

The second? I am slightly aware of the fact that there is a holiday around the corner that involves gifts and a Christmas tree. From what I remember of the “outside world,” many of you are stressed, are looking for the perfect gift for someone and are witnessing less that polite behavior from your fellow man.

Now listen to me. NONE OF THAT IS IMPORTANT. Not ONE SINGLE BIT OF IT. Let me tell you what is important. Your mother. Your father. Your children. Your friends. The elderly neighbor you say hi to occasionally. PEOPLE are important. Not gifts. Not trees. Not any of that.

Go make a phone call to the relative you haven’t spoken to in months. Give your loved one a hug. Send a special little thing to your friend. Christmas can come and go and it won’t matter if you don’t do a thing.
Give love. Accept love. Enjoy fresh air outside. Look at the beauty of everything around you. Make a difference in even the smallest ways.


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