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Shoot Me NowJuly Photo Challenge Means Baseball!

July Photo Challenge Means Baseball!
Published on Thursday, July 31, 2014 by

Ahhhh baseball. My very favorite sport. I play it all the time, and see it even more. This is why I was thrilled that P.J. chose Baseball as the subject for the July photo challenge.

lies graphic

OK. I cheated. I oh so TOTALLY cheated.

1.  The supermoon from our deck, ala baseball!

super moon obx

2.  Homemade pretzels served with steak.

homemade pretzels

3.  What we see every time we walk to the beach, minus the baseball.  I never take this view for granted.  EVER.

obx stairs

4.  Free barbecue every Saturday at Mike Dianna’s.  You just can’t go wrong with that!

Mike Dianna's barbeque

5.  This is my favorite picture.  I was feeding our wild cat Dusty some breakfast and lined up the baseball with her head.  A tough thing to do when a skittish cat jumps every time you move!  Who says cats don’t love baseball!  (OK, I don’t think anyone says that.)

feral obx cat

mom blog

  • Ron

    Katherine, these photographs ROCK!!!!

    LOVE the one of Rusty. BRAVO on that capture!

    I also love the one of the supermoon and baseball on your deck.

    And that barbecue looks beyond delicious.

    Great job on this theme. You hit a home run!

    • Oh my gosh Ron… that BBQ is AMAZING and it really is FREE!!! My son texted me today that the owner of the restaurant he works for is going to let him COPY THE RECIPES OUT OF THE SECRET BOOK. AHHHH!!!!!!!

  • What great photographs. I’ve only seen Babs’ post and she lives in England where baseball doesn’t exist. Great post though.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  • Oh, those are great pictures. Too bad that damned baseball got in the way though.

  • Lisa

    LOL! Baseball photobombs! Love it! Very creative interpretation.

  • Is it naughty of me to say I love your shots over and above standard baseball shots? 😉

  • GeoKs

    What fun! That supermoon/superbaseball photo is my favourite. It’s so interesting and inspiring to see how those without a lifelong love of “the game” approached the July challenge.

    • I DID love the year of baseball my son played… I hated it when he quit. But since I don’t go anywhere near a baseball field now, this was all I had ha ha!

  • Hey Katherine! I love these, you big cheater, but I couldn’t see a baseball in the barbecue shot… mmmm… Indigo x


  • OK, seriously… this is a great way to do this theme. I like how you did it to be honest. When this theme was posted, I hoped people might go a different direction with it. My favorite is the one with the pretzel, though!

    • PJ … so you forgive? 🙂 I had a LOT of fun doing it… I carried the baseball everywhere… between two states!

  • Mike Davis

    These made me actually LOL!

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