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How I Love Poor Translations
Published on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 by

This paintbrush pack was worth every bit of the whole dollar I spent on it!

bad translations

japanese translation

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  • Made in China? Just wondering. Yep, there's some real funny stuff out there.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Oh my…. I would have just fallen to the floor laughed at that, probably in the store too! Gotta love those instructions!!!!


  • Daisy's “mom” here:
    I went to Hong Kong a loooong time ago, and I loved the funny shirts. There was a tee-shirt with Snoopy on the front, only it said “Spoony” which totally cracked me up. Now I wish I had bought it!

  • OMG! That? Is HILARIOUS!!!

  • Almost as good as the menus!

  • Picky, picky, picky! It was only a buck! Sheesh! And they are supposed to proof it too?

    • Ha ha! Oh no I don’t WANT them to proof it. I absolutely LOVE poor translations. It started when I was a kid – we got a toy at Christmas with the instructions, “Battery Intoit.” We loved that so much that we always tried to find something with a funny translation every year after. So I would have paid TWO dollars for those paint brushes!

  • yuani

    what things look weird?

  • great)) my granny lives in Russia and when I came there as a child we liked to read the instructions on some Chinese toys. Their translation into Russian was soooo much fun))))

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