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Shoot Me NowWhat Is Worse Than One Woman Parking?

What Is Worse Than One Woman Parking?
Published on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 by

Don’t you just hate sloppy drivers?  You know the ones… the people who can’t seem to find their way in to a parking space with two hands and a roadmap?

Funny thing… I received this text message from a co-worker just a few mornings ago:

“Check out this parking job.. Probably female driver…..”

Oh goody!  He attached a picture along with the text message.  Don’t you just love a good fail picture?

I eagerly scrolled down and… ummmmm…

bad parking

Dash it all.  It’s my car.

In my defense, I swear those first three spots have crooked lines.  And it was 6:30 in the morning when I maneuvered that baby in.

You can only imagine my great joy when I pulled in to the gym parking lot only to see a kindred spirit.

Park on baby.  Park on!

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