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I Went To Bed And Got Up Early For This?
Published on Monday, November 2, 2009 by

This is my Monday so far:

  • Sixteen year old is coughing up a lung due to pneumonia. Gave him three puffs of inhaler.  It didn’t work.
  • Eight year old daughter has the Monday blues.  Cries, doesn’t want to get dressed, cries some more, holds her stomach and complains of stomach pain from crying (somewhat of an attempt to get out of school.)   I gave her a prevacid for her crying-induced-reflux.  She continued to cry the whole way to school.  I am apparently a bad mom for not home schooling.
  • Sixteen year old’s lung flies out of his mouth.  I put it back in, set up the nebulizer and gave him a treatment, followed by a bit of food and his antibiotic.
  • On the drive to school, my gas goes from three bars to one.  Empty and no money.
  • Realized my inspection sticker went out on Saturday.  Can’t get the van inspected until Thursday because – you guessed it – no money.
  • Son calls from school.  Forgot his permission slip for an event tomorrow as well as his homework.  I try to negotiate a way to get a permission slip faxed to him and he hangs up on me, thinking I don’t love him because I won’t skip work to get his missing homework to him.
  • Get to work late due to the crying/lung coughing up/everyone behind morning.
  • The garage was full.  Drove for 20 minutes in circles. Finally gave up and pulled up to our building to clock in.  Found out a way to get to a top floor spot in the new garage.  Got back in the zero-gas car and made it to the spot.
  • Was asked to help a user that I am uncomfortable working with.  We have history.  Put on my big girl panties and helped her.
  • Had to take off a guest blog I posted on another site last night because I found out it was already posted elsewhere.
  • Realized I didn’t pack shorts for my lunch workout. Will have to wear a tank top and scrubs at Curves.  I will sweat like a pig and look stupid too.  Nothing different there.

Did I mention it isn’t even 9 a.m. yet?

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  • Forget the work out, you need time to breathe. Tell your kid that hung up on you to be more responsible next time. If he missed getting his own homework in once; and misses an event…he’ll remember next time. Kids need to be allowed to suffer the consequences of their errors; that’s how they learn. My mother, and probably yours never would have stopped doing the laundry to come to school to bring us something we forgot; to sign a paper. We were told guess you better remember next time. And we did, remember that is. We learned from it. All the kids I work with are still relying on their parents because they’ve yet to learn that lesson. My daughter is a teacher and she see’s lot’s of this too.

    Give yourself a break, you deserve it. Good luck with the rest of the day. Hope your son feels better soon.


    • Sandy, you are so AWESOME! Thank you ! Actually I did myself a favor and DID workout – great stress reliever. I try to go three times a week and for the last few weeks there has always been SOMETHING that kept me from Monday workouts. So the Curves visit did me “good.”

      You know, I used to pack the bags for my son’s scout trips. I was so worried he would forget something he really needed. The scout leader gave me a hard time about this and he was RIGHT. “If they leave all their underwear at home and get chaffed, then they will definitely remember it next time!” That was a big “DUHHH” moment for me. I was doing my son NO FAVORS by packing his bag.

      You are right – it was “Oh well, then I guess you will remember it next time” for me. And then I would suffer whatever consequences there were for turning in homework a day late, etc. That is how you learn about the REAL WORLD, isn’t it. So maybe I’m not as bad a mom as I thought – I have had a major guilt trip about that phone call – ugh!

  • Wanted to pop back and see how you fared with the rest of the day. Glad the work out helps you, for me the stress of trying to cram one more thing wouldn’t have been worth it. And no, you’re not a bad mom; you’re actually well above the pack. Parents forget they’re not suppose to be their child’s best friend; parenting is a job and it’s our job to make them ready for the world. So bravo, next time don’t allow yourself to feel guilty.

    My daughters first college roommate couldn’t even make her own bed, didn’t know how to do laundry, had never cooked a meal; because Mommie had done everything for her. She really didn’t help the girl by helping her so much. My daughter was applaud. She showed her how to do these things, pathetic…hun.

    Hope today is going better for you. Next time you work out, do an extra sit up for me; my stomach could use it. lol


  • Funny how the kid forgets his homework and that is YOUR fault, my mom would have never let that happen. Some of my friend’s mom were the same way and those kids are now close to 50 and still blaming mom and calling for help. Let them grow up, they will be disappointments and you will want to save the day but it will be better if you don’t for both of you in the long run. Love doesn’t mean do EVERYTHING for them.

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