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I Went To Bed And Got Up Early For This?
Published on Monday, November 2, 2009 by

This is my Monday so far:

  • Sixteen year old is coughing up a lung due to pneumonia. Gave him three puffs of inhaler.  It didn’t work.
  • Eight year old daughter has the Monday blues.  Cries, doesn’t want to get dressed, cries some more, holds her stomach and complains of stomach pain from crying (somewhat of an attempt to get out of school.)   I gave her a prevacid for her crying-induced-reflux.  She continued to cry the whole way to school.  I am apparently a bad mom for not home schooling.
  • Sixteen year old’s lung flies out of his mouth.  I put it back in, set up the nebulizer and gave him a treatment, followed by a bit of food and his antibiotic.
  • On the drive to school, my gas goes from three bars to one.  Empty and no money.
  • Realized my inspection sticker went out on Saturday.  Can’t get the van inspected until Thursday because – you guessed it – no money.
  • Son calls from school.  Forgot his permission slip for an event tomorrow as well as his homework.  I try to negotiate a way to get a permission slip faxed to him and he hangs up on me, thinking I don’t love him because I won’t skip work to get his missing homework to him.
  • Get to work late due to the crying/lung coughing up/everyone behind morning.
  • The garage was full.  Drove for 20 minutes in circles. Finally gave up and pulled up to our building to clock in.  Found out a way to get to a top floor spot in the new garage.  Got back in the zero-gas car and made it to the spot.
  • Was asked to help a user that I am uncomfortable working with.  We have history.  Put on my big girl panties and helped her.
  • Had to take off a guest blog I posted on another site last night because I found out it was already posted elsewhere.
  • Realized I didn’t pack shorts for my lunch workout. Will have to wear a tank top and scrubs at Curves.  I will sweat like a pig and look stupid too.  Nothing different there.

Did I mention it isn’t even 9 a.m. yet?

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