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rough road sign

When we passed this roadside warning, I should have known it was a sign of things to come. After all, everything had been pretty hunky-dory through the summer. Weekends in Corolla. Free BBQ every Saturday. No school lunches, extra evening time and college was but a blip on the future screen.

It took a simple pebble bouncing off a cliff to cause the slow moving avalanche to start. Each day of August has caused the rocks to gain momentum, only to reach further to the bottom with each passing day.

Rough Road Ahead.

Boy, rough roads sure mess up your regular blog posts, don’t they?

Yup, I’m OK. Fighting a nasty virus that has me more worn down than the peg leg of a 90-year-old pirate. But I’ll be alright. I’ve actually been taking care of some doctor’s appointments that are long overdue. I have an appointment with a surgeon Tuesday (nothing to worry about?), I’ve had half my blood taken and…. I HAVE MY FIRST REAL PAIR OF REAL READING GLASSES!

felini glasses costco

So… middle school started today. College starts in a week. I will have hours of less free time a day. Every bit of “I can’t do this anymore” that comes with the school year has begun. And illnesses? They usually spread through the house a week after the first day of school.

Add a lot more icing to this end of August cake and we have a stressful dessert fit for a king.

But you know what? I’m a fighter. I’m tough. You can tell by the lines etched in my aging face. My troubles are nothing compared to so many others.

So my blog posts went by the wayside a tiny bit. But my blog is as tough as me.   We can get through the school year. We can get through illness.   We can get through… no wait. I’m not using the “W” word yet. It is still officially Summer.

As you look down the road to the upcoming seasons ahead, do you see stress, happiness or something in between? And why?

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  • For me, any day above ground is a good day. 🙂

    • AMEN TO THAT!!!!! And That is a GREAT perspective. What is funny is that it sounds like something I would say to others. Why is it we can give good advice to others but often times forget to use it on ourselves!

  • Ron

    “But you know what? I’m a fighter. I’m tough. You can tell by the lines etched in my aging face. My troubles are nothing compared to so many others.”

    You GO, Katherine! And that’s what I say to myself whenever times get tough. Also, I think of everything in my life that I have to be grateful for.

    Btw, the LOVE your new reading glasses. They look SEXY!

    Hasn’t this summer gone by so fast? And yes, I look forward to the upcoming season.


    • OK Ron, I will never EVER take off my reading glasses again. Of course I’ll be bumping in to walls.. but heck, beauty comes with a price!!!

  • What Jayne said is my philosophy. Hubby and I say that all the time when we hit a life speed bump. We’re in our 60s and it doesn’t get any better. I’m just saying.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

    • Wow… in a few short words you and Jayne got it down…. I needed that!!

  • Katherine, I adore your selfies, and look forward to one with school-marm reading glasses. Goodness, my asthma’s playing up again 😀 Indigo x

    • Oh I should have put in the whole picture! I had a shorty short school marm business suit on. Too bad I deleted it HA HA HA HA HA!!!! (make that lucky for the world… snort!)

  • Feel better! Writing a blog post when you’re feeling shitting is a true sign of a fighter. I keep staring at a blank screen.

    I remember when I got my first pair of reading glasses. Now I wear progressive contact lenses. It’s easier. Besides, at my age, you tend to misplace stuff.

    • I tried on my co-worker’s progressive glasses and couldn’t handle it… it was like a fun house! Was it hard for you to get used to progressive contacts?

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