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Baby Deer and Broken Trees
Published on Friday, August 10, 2012 by

Where have I been?  Obviously not blogging, right?  How in the world did this week get away from me!

Over the last few weeks, I have been….

Agonizing over my car.  First, $700 for the new hood latch and headlights.  Then it rolled over 100,000 and seemingly blew up.  New cam shaft sensors and other guy stuff to the tune of $1,114.  Two weeks later, I now need a wheel bearing and two new tires.  He hasn’t called with the price yet.  He had better do it soon before my wheel pops off.

baby crying

Going to physical therapy.  My therapist has the hands of a god.  Unfortunately, although the accident was not my fault and the “distracted driver’s” insurance is paying for everything, I have to front ALL OF MY CO-PAYS AND MEDS.  Where is there fair in this?  Soon I won’t be able to pay to get better!  Some days are full of pain, others are moderate.  I am simply tired of being in pain.

whiplash therapy

Counting my lucky starsMy Vincent has visited this year.  TWICE!  Unexpectedly, I found myself driving to Williamsburg THIS MONDAY NIGHT in a thunderstorm to pick him up for a four day visit.  TWICE-IN-ONE-YEAR.   My goodbye post was in 2009.  In my heart, he is still my son and will always be.  Vincent brought joy to me this week during a time of definite lows.  Yup.  This week I was counting my lucky stars.

y-not pizza

Looking puzzled at the surprise in my back yard.  One of my neighbors went in another neighbor’s yard and cut part of a tree.  PARTIALLY CUT part of a tree.  And today, it snapped at the cut and crashed in to our back yard.  The fence looks pretty mangled under all that.  Happy Neighbor Surprise!

cut tree

neighbor's tree

And finally, marveling at the twin baby deer that have emerged from mom’s Corolla back yard.  Amidst the chaos, there can be found joy.

Corolla Deer

Where did YOU find joy this week?

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  • Ron

    “How in the world did this week get away from me!”

    I agree! Where did this week GO!?! It flew by, didn’t it?

    Yikes, sorry to hear about your car expense. Why is it that whenever something happens to a car, it’s never something simple and inexpensive?

    Katherine, that last photo of the twin baby dear is so precious! Great capture! OMG, I love deers. They are sweetest and most adorable creatures.

    Well, I found joy this week in getting a phone call from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in SO LONG. We chatting for over two last night 🙂

    Have a super weekend, Katherine…..X

    • I love  that you got to talk to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.  I’ve got a phone call like that to make myself!  A good reminder.

      Oh you would love seeing our deer… we hang pinecones from string on the bushes behind the beach house… cover them in peanut butter and bird seed.  The deer come up and grab them… it is like “bobbing for apples” because when they drop them the pinecones swing around.  I will have to post some of my pix.  And the babies… OH THE BABIES.  I love them!

  • Good grief, woman! You sure have a lot on your plate these days and mostly stressful stuff. I am amazed you are able to find the happy in all that! xoxoxo 

    • Well the good news is I had air conditioning through all this… I can’t imagine what it was like for you!

      • I can’t imagine how YOU have dealt with YOUR stuff!

        Kudos to the both of us. Yes?


  • Man, after a week like that, who cares where it went… just so long as it doesn’t come back! (((Hugs!!)))

    • …. and my car isn’t done yet.  Sad face.  Still no price.  Leaving the stress going on and on.  Ughhhhh!!!!!!

  • Mel

    Well then!  Talk about mixed blessings and chaotic upside-down-ness!  I’m glad for some of it–looks like the visit was JUST the kind of boost you needed…….and deserved!

    HOLY cow…..look at that tree…  What WERE they thinking?!?!  O.M.G…….

    • About the tree…I KNOW!  I thought it was slightly amusing at first, but then I thought, “What if one of the kids or the dog were under it” and got REALLY upset!!!  But all turned out OK… I just shake my head, you know? 😉

  • I feel  your car pain.   Had my own in April — also just over the 100,000 mark.   I’m lucky in that my own neighbors are deer, cows and horses.   And it was just baby season here, too.   Where I live gives me joy every single day.   Hope the pain is better soon.

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