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The Awkward Dinner Party
Published on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 by

Today’s writing challenge subject is “the awkward dinner party!”

50's party

“Dad, you don’t mind that I brought my new boyfriend, do you? It’s really funny… his daughter is older than me.  We can share outfits!”
“Please pass the potatoes.”
“You wouldn’t believe how much better I feel after that series of colonic cleanses.”
“Oh those rolls look wonderful.”
“I’m so glad you like the roast! Our refrigerator went out a few days ago and it was getting warm.”
“Would you like some more wine?”
“Something smells like ham and I don’t see any ham on the table. Is that you that smells like ham?”
“Oh I just love these dishes.”
“Mom, Teddy said his mother was getting a Brazilian. How come we can’t have one too?”
“This candlelight is quite lovely!”

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