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Side of the Road
Published on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 by

Day 27 of the ALMOST DONE BLOG WRITING CHALLENGE, created by the sick mind of Nicky with her blogging partner Mike encouraging her.  Mike, we gotta talk.  And what could be a more timely subject than, “Side of the Road.”

Monday morning found me with the doctor for my blood test results.  Guess whose cholesterol went from 260 to 198 without meds?  Yup!  So I was in a pretty good mood leaving the office and driving towards work.

As I neared the downtown tunnel, I saw the sign stating there was a bridge opening.  Sure enough, cars were slowing ahead.  So I began to slow as well.  But the driver behind me?  Kept going full force.  I might have had my invisibility cloak on by accident, but I don’t think so.

The sound of the crash won’t leave my mind.

I didn’t see it coming.  One minute I’m slowing down and the next I hear a huge crash and my head bounces forward and completely back.  And then my mind told me, “Someone just hit you from behind.”  Wow.

I pulled over and began to get out on the driver’s side.  Bad idea, I was still on the interstate.  So I climbed over the passenger seat and found myself on the side of the road.

Fortunately, the young military woman who hit me was honest.  She admitted to both the police officer and me that it was her fault.  Names were exchanged, insurance companies were called and I have been promised a rental car and all damages repaired at their expense.  I consider myself lucky.

Nissan Quest

I don’t think the hatchback was hurt at all, but I won’t know until the garage looks at it.  It doesn’t look bad considering.

broken car

I was far too shaken up and dizzy to drive to work, so two co-workers came to my rescue.  Why I went to work and not home I will never know.  But Tuesday found me home in a drug-induced coma from the ONE MUSCLE RELAXER I took the PREVIOUS EVENING.

You can call me a lightweight now.  No more of those or I will find myself by the side of a road.  Probably naked, painted green and wearing a tin foil hat.

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  • Mel

    Holy cow…….What the insurance company meant to tell you is they’ll be glad to replace that vehicle when they total it out.
    You poor thing.

    I’ve no doubt the muscle relaxers make ya loopy–and I’m not really advocating for naked, painted green and donning a tin hat.  However–they’re designed to relax muscles that are now hanging on for dear life screaming ‘THAT wasn’t suppose to happen!’.  Odds are they scripted the meds cuz your body needs ’em.

    Ohhhhhhhh……I can smell yet another intervention if you keep this up.
    Maybe just cut and paste this entry on to your facebook?  *nodding* 
    Go home, take meds like prescribed……actually DO what the doctors ordered maybe?

    I mean, where’s the sense in that?!

  • Ron

    I have to say Katherine, it totally amazes me that there wasn’t much more exterior damage to your car, considering the speed in which she hit you!

    Soooooooo glad to hear that your insurance company is supplying a rental, plus, paying for the repairs.

    Also, I’m happy to hear about your cholesterol level!

    You GO, girl!

    And yeah, muscle relaxers (and pain pills) have the same affect on me!


  •  Katherine, I am so glad it wasn’t worse.  I pictured so much more damage, although there may be damage that isn’t readily visible.  I hope you are recovering well.  You could try cutting the muscle relaxers in half as they may just be too strong for your system. 

    Also, I hope you’ll forgive me, but your post from yesterday inspired my crazy poetry for today.

  • Heather R

    I would love to see the very last sentence happen! LOL 

  • Oh GOD. Today’s cars look like toys.

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  • Shoaib92

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    I think there is no difference in this car or cart riding

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