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Asleep in the Bleachers, Doritos Style!
Published on Monday, December 3, 2007 by

Michael Asleep in Bleachers

These pictures were taken of my son with my cell phone during a school basketball game.  He had been at a scout campout the previous night, with only one hour of sleep before I picked him up the following day. 

Although I strongly suggested it, he didn’t take a nap before the day’s adventures.  I couldn’t understand how he was even moving off of one hour of sleep!

And then it happened.  While watching the game, I heard someone calling my name from behind.  As I turned I began to chuckle, seeing that my son had finally given in to the need for sleep. 

But the people by him told me that I could not see the entire picture from where I was sitting… that I needed to move closer for a better look.  I came to the top and found what was so funny.

My son had fallen asleep in mid-snack.  He didn’t even have time to take his hand out of the bag before his body gave in.  My son was completely oblivious to the fact that he had an entire section of the bleachers laughing.

I sent these pictures to his scout leader, who replied, “Well you know what Dirty Harry said in the movies?  ‘A man has got to know his limitations.’  Every once in a while you have to test them.”

Boy Asleep with Dorito Bag

Now don’t you think the second picture would be a great advertisement for Doritos and Coke??  Or perhaps the opposite…!

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