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Are We Gouda Make It?
Published on Saturday, February 1, 2014 by

Today is the day.  The day I have dreaded for the last few weeks.  For today is the first of a 28 day writing challenge hosted by the evil twins Nicky and Mike from We Work For Cheese.

 Our first day gives us the topic, “GOUDA.”  And so it begins….

types of absolut vodka


Got tagged in a one month writing challenge post.

Only ¼ of my vodka left and days until payday.

Under the gun, I have nothing written.

Did I mention my vodka situation?

And the challenge starts…. NOW!

mom blog

  • Katherine, I am thinking regardless of the actual daily theme, each participants actual theme, will be alcohol.

  • Cadeaux

    Is this like Haiku for vodka lovers? 😉

  • I think there should be an additional challenge whereby the blogger drinks a bottle of vodka for every comment they get in the 30M2DW challenge. It may not last as long but it would help dull the pain.

  • Katherine, it doesn’t matter if you struggled with today’s prompt or if you struggle with all the other prompts. That picture you posted tells me you’ve got your priorities straight, no matter what the challenge. 🙂

  • Ron

    HA! Katherine, this is BEYOND clever! Truly girl, you’re off to a fabulous start with this writing challenge!

    Looking forward to the next one!

  • No Gouda flavored vodka? What were they thinking?!?!

  • Let’s just hope payday comes soon for all of us, Katherine… we’re going to need it.

  • If vodka = good writing, I reckon I’d better make a run out to the store myself.

  • That does sound dire. Perhaps a quick trip to the nearest liquor store will help with the other 27 days. Although, I am pretty sure that you don’t need any crutches for writing. You are so very clever.

  • Very inventive, my friend. 🙂 Pass the vodka.

  • ReformingGeek

    Let’s make some vanilla!

  • KZ

    All this talk of vodka among the challenge participants makes me feel like an outsider. Vodka is one of my least favorite spirits. Am I the only one around here who prefers gin?

  • What, no Finlandia vodka?

  • Sounds like you’re going to have to replenish the stock, and soon!

  • MalisaHargrove

    You and I always share that booze/money problem. I suggest that we budget more money for alcohol for February of each year. I stocked up today. May not be able to eat next month, but I can write this month! 🙂

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Yeah, I also need a drink. Or 28.

  • AhahahahahAHHAHaah!! Great job, Katherine!

  • I thought you were announcing Absolut Gouda. Now that would be a vodka!

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