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Shoot Me NowAratinga Conure – Not For The Birds!

Aratinga Conure – Not For The Birds!
Published on Friday, April 20, 2012 by

Day 20 of the April 2012 photo challenge brings, “Bird!”

I have birds at home, so my initial thought on this subject was, “Easy!”  But then I ran in to this Aratinga Conure at my favorite pet store.

Have you ever found yourself stumble over the embarrassing words of, “I have a blog, and I’m in a photo challenge, and the subject is birds, and…”  No, I didn’t think so.  But today, I stumbled over these very words to someone who had a very confused look.  But then confusion turned to a smile and a “No problem!”

This beautiful Aratinga Conure was happy to eat his treat for the photo.  Initially, the lights in the store put a glare on my shots.  Remember, I only have a smart phone.  Fortunately, after my many attempts at turning my phone this way and that, I finally got my bird shot!

Aratinga Conure

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