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Shoot Me NowAratinga Conure – Not For The Birds!

Aratinga Conure – Not For The Birds!
Published on Friday, April 20, 2012 by

Day 20 of the April 2012 photo challenge brings, “Bird!”

I have birds at home, so my initial thought on this subject was, “Easy!”  But then I ran in to this Aratinga Conure at my favorite pet store.

Have you ever found yourself stumble over the embarrassing words of, “I have a blog, and I’m in a photo challenge, and the subject is birds, and…”  No, I didn’t think so.  But today, I stumbled over these very words to someone who had a very confused look.  But then confusion turned to a smile and a “No problem!”

This beautiful Aratinga Conure was happy to eat his treat for the photo.  Initially, the lights in the store put a glare on my shots.  Remember, I only have a smart phone.  Fortunately, after my many attempts at turning my phone this way and that, I finally got my bird shot!

Aratinga Conure

mom blog

  • Awwww. He’s cute. Such pretty colours!

  • Great perspective.You have no idea how many times I’ve tripped over my tongue during this challenge. People are so damn nosy, aren’t they? 😉

  • Is he picking his nose? Anyway, he’s gorgeous. 🙂

  • MalisaHargrove

    I find myself saying “Excuse me but I’m in this photo contest which really isn’t a contest and I was wondering if…”. My husband has begun to mimic me and I’m going to slap him soon. I will take a photo of that to share! I don’t like birds, but that is a pretty bird. I wouldn’t have gotten that close though. 

  • That’s one colourful bird. Nice shot.

  • A great shot for a smart phone!  It almost looks like you used a wide angle lens.


  • That is a great shot! Very cool bird! It looks like he’s trying to tell you a secret. “Psst, Lady, come a little closer…” and then he’ll peck your eyes out.

  • Really nice photo of a very interesting bird!

  • You did great, Katherine. I love this photo. Beautiful bird. The colors are so bright!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    This photo nearly made me pass out. Yes, it’s beautiful and interesting and well-lit and all of the things that make a photo interesting. But that’s not what made me almost pass. It’s the fact that you must have gotten extremely close to the bird, which is clearly licking its vicious claws in anticipation of pecking your eyes out. Because that’s what birds do. They peck your eyes out.

  • Most blogger takes shots of their food.  Just saying.  I love this shot of a handsome bird.  Very well done.

    Have a terrific day and weekend.   🙂

  • So pretty –  l love his colors!

  • I understand about trying to get the perfect shot with a cell phone camera. That’s what I’ve been working with for the most part for most of this challenge, but you did very well here. I’m sure the subject helped.

  • Wow, I can’t believe you took that with your phone! The colours are very vibrant… I’m impressed. (Mind you, I still hate birds 🙂 )

  • Mel

    LOL  I’m gonna agree with Mikewjattoomanymornings!  
    Birds peck your eyes out.
    Ummm….Pretty sure that’s the trauma from watching ‘The Birds’ at too young of an age……..Step AWAY from the birdie……

  • Are you sure he’s eating his treat?  ‘Cause it kinda looks like he’s giving you the bird.  😉

  • He’s beautfiful!  Out of the large birds, I think conyures are my favorite.

  • dogearedcopy

    Beautiful bird! I love that you were able to catch all of his glorious color, and with a cell phone to boot!

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