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Shoot Me NowApril 2009 Contest: Win a Cute Digital Photo Frame!

April 2009 Contest: Win a Cute Digital Photo Frame!
Published on Saturday, March 28, 2009 by

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Time for our April Giveaway!  This is a really fun Digital Photo Frame by Royal.  This photo frame goes on your refrigerator and has a magnet, clip and a motion sensor!  And did I mention the kitchen timer?  

This digital frame holds up to 60 photos, which display on a 1.5″ screen.  When it senses motion it turns on, and then off when the motion stops.  Show off your child’s artwork, time the cake and watch some great digital photos… all with this cute high tech kitchen gadget! 

How do you win?  I want to hear some of YOUR embarrassing moments.  Leave a comment with any kind of silly tidbit… did your son tell your 55 year old boss she looked pregnant?  Did you leave the house with two colors of shoes?  Anything goes… all I need is a comment.

And to enter your name more than once, follow me on twitter or subscribe to my rss feed.  Once you do, leave another comment telling me this is done.  And get this.  If you TWEET about this contest, you get your name in two more times. 

The winner will be chosen at the end of April in a random drawing.  To summarize, comments mean you are in once, but a twitter follow or subscription will put you in again, once for each.  Finally a TWEET gets two more!  Sweet! 

Have fun with it!  Remember to leave your comment!

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  • reva skie

    I stopped in a fast food restaurant for a quick bite with family, I went to use the restroom before we left. I used the restroom and as I was washing my hands, I glanced in the mirror and saw urinals over my shoulder. I was in the men’s restroom. :0

  • Carol

    Olympia Dukakis was on a flight I was on, and when we got off the plane, I saw her in the ladies room, and as we washed our hands, I said “I love your movies Mr. Dukakis”.

  • Carol
  • Jo

    Here is a silly tidbit..we were in Ponderossa once and my 5 yr old was starring at this morbidly obese lady. I told her it wasn’t polite to stare and that she shouldn’t and that the lady might have a medical condition. To which my 5 yr old replied..”Yeah mom, I know, I was wondering how many babies she had in there!” (cause Mommy is pregnant)

  • Jo

    I follow you on twitter (jorayne)

  • mmw

    My son was caught picking his nose on the jumbo tron screen at a big basketball game. I was dying of embarrassment but not him!!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lisa H

    Two different colored shoes would be a blessing some days. I’m always in such a rush in the mornings and one morning, I drove my son all the way to school before I realized I was barefoot AND to make matters worse I forgot my purse. All the way home, I kept picturing getting stopped by the police and trying to explain why I didn’t have shoes, drivers license or any id.

  • One time I went to a very fancy restaurant( very fancy, the steak alone costs $30, not including a drink and sides). I went to use the restroom. I got back out and ate dinner without anything happening. It was when we got up to leave that my mom pointed out I still had the seat protector hanging out the back of my pants.

  • One time I went to the beach with my sister when her daughter came up and said she had to use the bathroom. Our hotel was on the boardwalk but we would have to go all the way up to our room to use the bathroom. We( my sister and I)told her to go pee in the ocean. Don’t make that face, I know you have peed in the ocean before. So the little girl saunters off to pee. I look over just in time to see my niece go over pull her bathing suit down and squat to pee. As if that wasn’t enough she comes running over to us telling how cold the water was. I almost died of embarresment.

  • Michele C

    Thank you for the contest. My kids are natorious with saying “I didn’t say/tell you that” when I share a story with other adults. They become embarressed and don’t want me sharing anything personal.

  • Cynthia Shern


    I went out with the captain of the Basketball team during Football season. We went to the Football game outdoors in the extreme cold. We had a blanket to snuggle under and keep warm. I had to go to the bathroom. I could only see one of those blue portajohns. So, I decided to hold it until we left. After the game was over, and we stood up, and took the blanket off, and the ice cold air hit me, I pissed my pants right there in front of the entire school!

  • Karly

    One of my many embarassing moments – I was at a skating rink and was resting on the sidelines, watching the skaters. One girl fell and for some reason, it struck my funny bone. I could not stop laughing as tears rolled down my cheeks. The fallen skater heard my incessant laughter, promptly skated over to me and said if I did not stop laughing, she’d punch me. That made me stop in a hurry.

  • Emilie S.

    I had part of my costume fall of during a dress rehearsal of a high school play–the first time we’d tried a quick change and it didn’t work, LOL!

  • Emilie S.

    following on Twitter.

  • Paula H

    When my daughter was 2 she pointed to a man wearing only very short shorts. She said “Look at the naked man, Mommy”. I told her he wasn’t naked that he had on shorts. She replied,” Those not shorts, those underwear”. I was mortified.

  • Christina Brunetti

    Yeah, I said to someone I hadnt seen in over a year that I didnt know she was pregnant again. Of course she wasnt. I am blushing now just thinking about it!


  • Vikki Parman

    I was late so got dressed in a big hurry one day. All day I felt like something was weird in the back of my pants. I finally fished around, and pulled out a pair of wadded up panty hose. I was so embarassed to be standing there holding these with people wondering where on earth they came from.

  • laurie

    when i was pregnant of course my son wondered about my belly and listend and felt all the time one day we went to the grocery and he was beside me walking i didnt notice this over weight women up the aile from me but he did, he went right up to her and said can i feel your baby and can i listen, well i was so embrassed and tried to explain to her that what i had told him and made him say he was sorry. watch what you tell your children.

  • Betty R.

    A year ago I had lost some weight and hadn’t gotten any new clothes yet to fit me. I was in Family Dollar and was checking out at the register. I had checked out and was waiting for my niece to get done when I turned around my skirt fell down at my ankles. I had no slip on just my panties. Instead of immediately picking my skirt up I just looked down and was so shocked. I finally pulled them up after everyone in their brother saw me. So embarrasing…

  • Katherine from Shoot Me Now

    OK, you guys are cracking me up… these are hysterical! So maybe I’m not the only one who gets herself in embarrassing situations…

    Keep em coming!

  • beth shepherd

    My most recent embarrasing moment had to be at sunday school a few weeks ago. I was wearing a button up shirt and sat all through class and while I was talking to a friend afterwards she told me that my button had come undone. Yes I guess I was giving a show in church! I dont think I will be wearing that shirt again without a cami underneath!
    Thank you

  • Shellie Seering

    i shuck out of a church service to quickly “relieve” myself…and as I was walking out of what I thought was the womens restroom, in walked our youth paster….YIKES, I was in the wrong room!

  • Toni

    I used a new strange whitening toothpaste, and left the house in a hurry. When I realized people were staring at me, I checked a mirror, and saw that I hadn’t wiped my mouth very well, it looked like I was foaming at the mouth.

  • Toni
  • Toni

    I Subscribed too!

  • Kim V

    My sillytidbit is from years ago when I wore a lot of dresses to work. One day I was wearing a sweater type dress, but when I came out of the bathroom apparently it had gotten hiked up in in panties. Luckily a females coworker stopped me.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I was bring candy to a meeting for a charity event and I was late. I was running to get to my set when I tripped, candy and chairs flew everywhere. When I fell it made a loud noise so I disrupted the entire meeting. Everyone was laughing but I was so embarrassed.

  • Cindy

    My daughter had her first play at school. She was in the first grade, and she had only one line. All she had to say was “What a crazy day.” Well, instead of saying What a crazy day, she said “What a crazy day, I woke up, and my dad farted. But he farts all the time. He tickles me too, and then I fart too.” She promptly walked back to her place as a flower in garden, while the whole crowd roared, and her father and I died in embarrassment.

  • sandra

    my son loudly pointed out that a man at the playground had a hook like a pirate

  • Lisa A

    I was in a hurry one morning on my way to work and I hurridly slipped on my shoes. While presenting an important project to my boss, I happened to look down and realized I was wearing two different shoes!

  • Elsie

    I have a picture of this moment , so the picture frame would be ideal….

    I taught art, and it was “chalk day”, I showed the children how to blend the chalk colors with my fingers….after the students left the art room, I washed my hands and went to get my photo taken with the school staff….rushed in , stood in the group, smiled, hurried to go to my next class…
    Picture came back in 2 weeks , my face was STREAKY with chalk colors, remembered I had brushed my hair aside in the breezy classroom….. No one told me about the chalk on my face, I even went to the bank, teller said nothing…everyone “enjoyed” my artistic appearance in the yearbook!

  • Gloria Dornin

    I was in 3rd grade and got up to play at recess and realized I forgot to put on my underpants. I did not play at recess and the whole day was awful for me

  • Zoey

    I was walking into a room, trying to make an impression on my husband’s boss – you guessed it – I fell off of my shoe and landed on my butt!

  • Zoey

    I follow you on twitter – zwriter.

  • And the winner is TONI!!! Congratulations!!!

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