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10 Ways to Annoy People on Facebook
Published on Saturday, March 26, 2011 by
  • Play every game you can think of.  Send constant requests to your best friend.  Ask for Farm Help, have them feed your fish and send lots and LOTS of roast beef.  And drinks.


  • Ask the oldest person on your friends list to join the mafia with you.  Repost this several times.  When they tell you to stop, let them know how fun it is.  Start sending Youtube videos of Mafia Wars to their profile.  Instant message them with constant blow-by-blows of your progress.  Send them personal messages requesting they join. Comment on every one of their updates with “The Mafia needs you NOW!”  Call them in the middle of the night and whisper, “The mafiaaaaa neeeddsss youuuuuuuuuu.”


  • Become a friend of all of your children.  Write things on their walls like, “I changed your sheets today.  Looks like you had a bit of a problem last night?”


  • Poke!  Poke!  Poke!  (It’s just that creepy.)


  • Invite people to your Myspace Page.  Tell them it is way better than Facebook.


  • Invite people to be your friend.  When they accept you, unfriend them.  Then ask them to be your friend again, saying you accidentally unfriended them.  Rinse, repeat.


  • Post the death of a different celebrity weekly.  Come up with a good death story that is believable, depending on the person.  Be sure the celebrity is not dead.


  • Post this video every Friday and be sure to let everyone know how good the song is.


  • Go to everyone’s wall that has a child under two.  Find some photos and leave criticisms.  “He really doesn’t look like his Dad at ALL, does he?”  “I’m sorry she got your father’s nose!”  “Will her ears flatten as she gets older?”  “I’m not really in to children.  Can you stop posting these?”


  • Check in to every-single-place-you-go and post it to facebook.  Begin checking in to things that don’t have check-ins.  “Checking in to the free health clinic.”  “Checking in to the OB/GYN.  These stirrups are cold!”  “Checking in to the bathroom.  This is gonna be a big one!”


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