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10 Ways to Annoy People on Facebook
Published on Saturday, March 26, 2011 by
  • Play every game you can think of.  Send constant requests to your best friend.  Ask for Farm Help, have them feed your fish and send lots and LOTS of roast beef.  And drinks.


  • Ask the oldest person on your friends list to join the mafia with you.  Repost this several times.  When they tell you to stop, let them know how fun it is.  Start sending Youtube videos of Mafia Wars to their profile.  Instant message them with constant blow-by-blows of your progress.  Send them personal messages requesting they join. Comment on every one of their updates with “The Mafia needs you NOW!”  Call them in the middle of the night and whisper, “The mafiaaaaa neeeddsss youuuuuuuuuu.”


  • Become a friend of all of your children.  Write things on their walls like, “I changed your sheets today.  Looks like you had a bit of a problem last night?”


  • Poke!  Poke!  Poke!  (It’s just that creepy.)


  • Invite people to your Myspace Page.  Tell them it is way better than Facebook.


  • Invite people to be your friend.  When they accept you, unfriend them.  Then ask them to be your friend again, saying you accidentally unfriended them.  Rinse, repeat.


  • Post the death of a different celebrity weekly.  Come up with a good death story that is believable, depending on the person.  Be sure the celebrity is not dead.


  • Post this video every Friday and be sure to let everyone know how good the song is.


  • Go to everyone’s wall that has a child under two.  Find some photos and leave criticisms.  “He really doesn’t look like his Dad at ALL, does he?”  “I’m sorry she got your father’s nose!”  “Will her ears flatten as she gets older?”  “I’m not really in to children.  Can you stop posting these?”


  • Check in to every-single-place-you-go and post it to facebook.  Begin checking in to things that don’t have check-ins.  “Checking in to the free health clinic.”  “Checking in to the OB/GYN.  These stirrups are cold!”  “Checking in to the bathroom.  This is gonna be a big one!”


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  • I have a facebook account, but hardly ever go over. I find Facebook annoying.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

    • I’ve enjoyed facebook as far as keeping up with people from far away… but yup, I see the annoying!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m on there but totally agree with your points. LOL

    My 80 year old aunt saw one of my game things and was actually going to send me scrap metal. I don’t send things to anyone not playing so I’m not sure how she saw it.

    If I hear that &^&*( video one more time!

    My annoyance is when people complain about people playing games when all they have to do is block the application. They never see it again. I only play a few games and all the rest are blocked. When I have to send something out I go through the extra three steps to have it sent only to people who play the game.

    I’m with you on the kid one. Usually they post a picture about everything the child does!

    I’m so over TMI updates. I can’t believe I still find myself shocked on what people will say.

    Another annoyance – avocado
    (the current insider status update joke)

  • LOL! You killed me with these Katherine! I’m going to use #3 on my oldest right now!!

  • These are so awesome that even the person trying to annoy everyone will get annoyed. Mission accomplished!

  • This is exactly why I hate Facebook.

  • Wow….great post. I have fallen vic to at least 3 of these annoyances: children pics and games and “checking in”. GAAAAHHHH! I have now blocked all games. Oh, and constant “look where I am now” updates? Really? Are they posted to make those of us who can’t be there feel bad? Not working. I just raise my eyebrows and smile and get on with my life.

    • The “guess where I am now” stuff… my thoughts are always, “OK, so they know you checked in to red robin at 6. They have a good 45 minutes to get all the good stuff out of your house!

  • Jen

    Ive never heard that song before. I think my ears are burning.

    • Jen, now that you have heard it you will find you hear bits and pieces everywhere now. SO SORRY FOR THAT. Friday, friday… AHHHHH!!!!

  • Katherine, I am CRYING laughing. This is sofa king funny!

  • Those are pretty funny…and not only limited to Facebook. I have friends like this on other Social Networks as well!

    • Oh yes, you see it all over the web, don’t you… twitter too… and much more! 🙂

  • Post some cryptic status about some drama in your life. Continue to post cryptic clues as everyone you know checks in and offers vague support, since they don’t know what is wrong.
    Post something about your kids and how they don’t behave. Wait for people to make suggestions about what you should do. Get offended.

    • HA HA!!!! This all happens daily on facebook! It’s funny, I see people getting offended after they write something and then people chime in with stuff I would NEVER say to someone in person, much less online… like advice that actually is a bit of a cut down… that is the downside of facebook. OR.. perhaps it is not facebook, but the PEOPLE on facebook ha ha!

  • It’s all so true!
    When I first joined fb I did try all those things but quickly tired of them.
    I have to admit I do Gowalla (check in) at places and post them automatically to fb. But after what you said, I won’t be checking in at the bathroom! LOL

    • But bathroom checkins will certainly make things more interesting for everyone, no? LOL! I wondered what program did the checkins… I enjoy hearing where people are. I will sometimes make a joke and type that I am checking in to places like Bottom Dollar… a low end grocery store here with cheap prices… it makes me smile every time do it!

  • LOL! I have to wonder about those who have all that time to play those games.

    • I once began “farming” on facebook for about a week. My boys laughed at me and teased me while I started to stress about how my veggies would die if I didn’t get online to harvest them that night. The longest week of my life, I must say. Now, there is a farm out there on facebook somewhere that has my name on it. And everything there is DEAD. And I am much happier for it!

  • LOL too TRUE!!! I personally hate FB, but it seems everyone is on it now. So whether I loathe it or not, it is a necessary evil now. Big hugs

    • Hugs and a poke? LOL! My mom and I were taking about f/b this weekend. She doesn’t get it, which I understand. I explained though that I like it b/c I can see my good friend’s pix of their kids, their life etc… the people who live all over this country that I never get to see. I like it for that… but not all the other stuff!

  • Lindamcornell

    This is brilliant. I’ve grown to hate Facebook because all the annoying tricks described in your post have actually been done to me! Especially the “pokers”. Is that all they can come up with?

    • Poke reminds me of a cheesy dating site in which you read someone’s profile and “poke” them if you like them. Creepy when you think about who is poking who on Facebook!

  • I can’t stand Facebook. I signed up awhile back mostly for networking purposes, but it’s such a waste of time. All I get are posts about what people are eating for dinner and requests to join someone’s mafia crew. Some people have nothing better to do I guess.

  • haaha its really funny the video of rebecca friday, that will anoyy anyone!! nice post 😉

    • Oh you know what you need to do? Look up “death metal friday song.” It is hysterical!

  • Dallas Beisch

    lol,my freinds got so annoy they blocked me! thanx for this page!

     “The Mafia needs you NOW!”

  • Penis

    the vidio isn’t availible ):

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