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And The Sticky Note SAYS……
Published on Monday, May 10, 2010 by

Today I found myself in the office of the president of a very large company.  His Administrative Assistant walked me in, only to squint just the tiniest bit as she looked towards the back of me.  “Ummm, did you know you have a… well… there’s a…..”

She was trying to come up with appropriate words for something that was apparently stuck to me.  I turned and looked behind me as well, finally seeing a sticky note actually stuck to my behind.

A bit embarrassing in front of the President, that’s for sure.  I must have leaned against a computer just before going in to his office – thus, the stuck sticky note.

I read the paper out loud, surprised at its statement considering where it was stuck:

Like I need a sticky note to tell me that?!

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