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Published on Saturday, September 21, 2013 by

Do Ziva and Mike REALLY want to see all kinds of anatomy with day 21’s photo challenge?

You never know what you will find while urban exploring.  Old record albums.  Doll parts.  And mummified animals.

While taking this picture I was holding a dog back, causing constant movement of my arm.  This particular dog was struggling, as this dog thought the mummified creature looked like a tasty treat.  With one hand full of dog and another full of shaking camera, I had no way to shine a flashlight for the shot.  But I don’t think my Mummy really cared.

My daughter and I assumed this critter was a mummified squirrel.  However, if you look at mummified cats there are indeed similarities.  Perhaps this is a mummified dragon, as indicated by the flames you see shooting out of its mouth.

After seeing his mummified anatomy, what do you think he is?

mummified cat

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