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An Intervention
Published on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 by

Monday morning I had an early morning routine doctor’s appointment.  Immediately following the appointment, I headed off to work.

Just under ten minutes away from my destination, I was hit very hard from behind on the interstate.  You know the poor crash test dummies whose heads fly back and practically touch their backs?  Today, that dummy was me.

I’m OK I’m OK I’m OK.

At first, there is shock.  Then dizziness.  Then shock.  And as the day goes on, a little more pain and a little more pain and a little more pain.

At work.  “You really need that checked out.”  And then another.  “You are going to hurt SO BAD in the morning!”  And then, “I can’t believe you are here.  Why aren’t you at the doctor!”

I’m fine!  No, really!  Just a bit sore!  Well, a little more sore than before.  But I don’t want to be a bother!  I don’t want to spend the money.  And then I would catch myself rubbing my neck.

On Facebook came the intervention.

My post:

9 hours ago via mobile

Was slowing down on the interstate for traffic and person behind me wasn’t paying attention. She slammed in to me at 55-60 mph. I’m ok, but head went completely back. Now I am tight behind my neck and my head hurts. Happy Monday.

I am removing names to protect the innocent….

Sorry to hear that, I’m glad you ok make sure you get check the back pain.

9 hours ago

OMG. You have to have yourself checked out, even if you think you’re OK. This is exactly the kind of thing that can have lasting effects. Promise us you will get a full workup done!

9 hours ago · Like · 2

 Do not mess around with this. I know all about neck injuries. Get yourself to your doctor today and demand an MRI.

8 hours ago · Like · 2

I can’t stress it enough, and agree w/Jayne. I have two friends who were the victims of accidents just like this. One had serious problems after (requiring surgery). That’s a horrific speed to get hit from behind. Please, please promise you’ll get checked out.

8 hours ago · Like · 3

Oh my goodness, Kathy. Glad you are OK. That’s a pretty hard hit at 55-60. You’ll be sore tomorrow. Someone needs to make Mom dinner and pamper her a little. Praying for you my friend!

8 hours ago · Like · 2

Even if you think you feel fine you need to go to the doctor ASAP and get checked out. SERIOUSLY.

7 hours ago · Like · 1

Wow…so glad to hear you are OK.

7 hours ago · Like

Yeah we keep telling her to get checked out.

6 hours ago

I just saw her and told her the same thing!!!!

6 hours ago

Katherine Schulze Murray My range of motion is better…tight on one side but much better than this morning….

6 hours ago

GO ANYWAY!!! get it on record. Stubborn red heads!!!

5 hours ago

Katherine Schulze Murray My doc said go to patient first for xrays. And they told me TWICE “Get things HIGHLY DOCUMENTED.” BLAHHHHHHH

3 hours ago

Duh! I’m a Doctor.

2 hours ago

Everyone is right. I was rear ended at a low speed 15 years ago. C-spine injury. Thought I was fine, I was not. Pain, pain and more pain to this date. Get to an ER and do not sign anything or settle with anyone until you have had your health and rights protected.

about an hour ago

Not “Doc in a Box” a real hospital with CT and MRI.

about an hour ago

darn, I am already at a Patient First!

about an hour ago

Better there than not being seen. I tell you, I wish I had been more persistent with my injuries at the time. I now take three different pain meds a day and have monthly steroid injections.

about an hour ago

After a text or two from my amazing co-worker, I decided to bite the bullet and “be a bother.”  Enter, Patient First.

Patient First Lobby

My next status update read:

OK, I am at Patient First, no gym, no dinner and I will be late for bachelorette and even though my neck hurts I am sure I will be OK ….IS EVERYBODY HAPPY NOW!!!!? ;D

So the results.  A neck is supposed to be curved.  Mine is straight, showing injury from the accident.  I have superman ibuprofen, guaranteed to upset my stomach.  I have muscle relaxers, guaranteed to knock me out.  And I have so many amazing friends who had my back – or neck – when I needed it the most.  Thanks everyone for the intervention.  I really did need to go!

*Wondering what happened in the accident?  How PERFECT the next subject in this 30-day blog writing challenge happens to be “Side of the Road.” NO LIE.  SIDE-OF-THE-ROAD.  Nicky and Mike, HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS GOING TO BE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.  Enter Twilight Music HERE.  Why couldn’t you have chosen, “Winning the Lottery?”*

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  • Ron

    “She slammed in to me at 55-60 mph. ”

    WOW…that IS a horrific speed to get hit from behind, Katherine!

    I’m so glad your friends on Facebook convinced you to go see a doctor because like you, I would have been thinking, “But I don’t want to be a bother!  I don’t want to spend the money. ” Yet, an accident like this always seems to cause problems way later.

    Happy to hear you’re all right, my friend! You take care!
    (((( Katherine )))))


  • nonamedufus

    So are we gonna find out what the heck happened to your car? Oh, sorry about your back.

  • Oh my word! I’m so glad you are OK. Mo once backed into a parked car (believe it or not) just at a ‘parking the car’ speed and I got an immediate headache, though I do have neck problems. I can’t imagine  what it felt like at that speed.  I agree, it’s always best to get these things checked out. Not good that you have to pay out money though.

  • You really are lucky that you aren’t hurt worse than you are.  That kind of impact  is tough on the body, Kath!  And you really do need to keep a check on it all.  I’m so sorry this happened to you!

  • Wow, that was horrible.  I am so glad you went in to get it checked out.  Your neck and back are nothing to mess around with.  I would have been reluctant, too, but it was the right thing.  I have a friend who was in an accident and sustained a neck/back injury.  That was a long time ago, and she is still bothered by it.  I hope you are feeling better soon.  Take care!!!

  • And you sat upright to type all this?  Lie down silly girl, lie down.

  • PJHar

    Glad you went and got checked out. It’s definitely worth doing that over “toughing it out.” Hope you stay on the mend!

  • Yeah, I tried to believe my foot was just “sprained” when I took that fall during the photo challenge until I tried to walk the next morning.  I almost broke my neck trying to walk to the washroom!  Good thing you got it checked out, though  – a foot is easier to deal with, but paralysis?  Not so much.

  • I was one of the people staging that intervention! And I am VERY happy you went to the darn doctors! 

  • I am SO glad that your facebook buds got you to a doctor! That is a serious accident. Make sure to document everything (including missed work time) and save all of your medical receipts.

  • Mel


    I’m soooooooo glad someone (hoardes of them) were effective at chastising you to GET YOUR ARSE EXAMINED.

    *shaking head*

    You can’t afford NOT to, quite frankly.

    Thanks everyone who had a hand in helping her get there………

    Sheeeeeshhhhhh….and I thought *I* was a stubborn poopus……..

  • Oh, thank heavens you are ok! Man, I wish we had chosen winning the lottery, or absolutely nothing happened to me today!! Take care of yourself, Katherine.
    (((Gentle hug that won’t hurt your neck)))

  • Barb

    OMGosh! I am so glad you went to the ER! Take care!!

  • Are you okay? I mean. You’re writing, so you must be sitting or not. 

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