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Am I Really Going To Do This?
Published on Monday, January 2, 2017 by

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20 days of writing.  Well, I will certainly try!  I am going to participate in the ‘lil Hoohaa blog writing challenge and will do my best to write most days.  With everything going on in my life I will give myself a pass or two, but for the most part I will be all in.

Today’s topic is “Explain Your Blog.”  I started this blog many years ago, well before Facebook took over the world and ruined the blog.  I wrote about my many public embarrassments, about life, about kids and about anything else that came to mind.  I have met many fellow bloggers along the way and have been honored to meet a few in REAL LIFE.  One of which has become one of my best and dearest friends.

My blog has moved a bit from writing to photography, which has actually put my creative writing on the back burner.  With a book floating around in my mind I know it is time to dust off the keyboard and pound out some words.

So here I go!

mom blog

  • lissa

    so it’s like a personal blog with many things, I think the best blogs are the ones that just go with whatever the blogger wants to post, the in the moment kind of post, some of the best ideas came freely and not from some planned notion.

    just stopping by from pj’s blog, have a lovely day.

  • Paul

    Looking forward to this. Happy Trails.

  • Ron

    You GO, Katherine! I admire you for participating in this blog challenge!

    Like you, my blog as morphed into many things over the past 10 years, but I think think that’s what naturally happens with a personal blog.

    So wherever your blog goes I will always be here, reading and enjoying!

    Happy New Year, my friend!

    • You should join up with us, too, Ron! 🙂

  • You’re ready for this. I love to read what you write.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  • I have always enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your posts. They
    are real, which is nice. Facebook is out there and all, but I will
    always love the blog format better. Here we go again!

  • Hey Katherine, so glad you are in this year! I am looking forward to getting back in the groove, too.

  • Tamara Gerber

    Photography, Writing, they can go hand in hand, right?
    Happy 20 Days of Chill¨

  • I look forward to reading your posts, Katherine. It’s interesting how our blogs change from where they started. I love both your writing and your photos. I hope the book that is floating around in your mind makes its way to the keyboard.

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