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Am I Really Going To Do This?
Published on Monday, January 2, 2017 by

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20 days of writing.  Well, I will certainly try!  I am going to participate in the ‘lil Hoohaa blog writing challenge and will do my best to write most days.  With everything going on in my life I will give myself a pass or two, but for the most part I will be all in.

Today’s topic is “Explain Your Blog.”  I started this blog many years ago, well before Facebook took over the world and ruined the blog.  I wrote about my many public embarrassments, about life, about kids and about anything else that came to mind.  I have met many fellow bloggers along the way and have been honored to meet a few in REAL LIFE.  One of which has become one of my best and dearest friends.

My blog has moved a bit from writing to photography, which has actually put my creative writing on the back burner.  With a book floating around in my mind I know it is time to dust off the keyboard and pound out some words.

So here I go!

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