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All Hallow’s Eve
Published on Monday, October 31, 2011 by

jack o lantern ideas

pumpkins from the back

body in cacoon

trick or treating

pirate house appleton

appleton pirate house

halloween ghosts

decorated house

ghost pirates

pirate bridge

candy corn witch

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  • Ron


    AWESOME photos, Katherine!

    LOVE the first one of the glowing carved pumpkins!

    You REALLY know how to celebrate Halloween!

    You GO, girl!

    Hope you had a great one!


    • Halloween was certainly vampire night for me… you would have loved it! Halloween is my favorite holiday – people aren’t ugly in stores like at Christmas – it is just good clean fun!

  • How fun and all the shots are great.  I too love the carved pumpkins.

    Have a terrific day.   🙂

    • I couldn’t find any pumpkins I could afford this year… then my neighbors told me about a place they were going to where the average pumpkin was about 6 dollars. (the only ones I could find were over 30!) We ended up with a pumpkin for everyone, PLUS an extra!

  • Great pictures. I totally love those pirate decorations. So unique.

    • We call that house “the pirate house,” as does probably everyone else in the neighborhood. She works for weeks on the decorations, adding new things every year. The lady encourages people to walk all through her yard, enjoying the pirate themed decorations. It really is amazing.

  • I love the little ghosts holding “hands” around the tree! Great pics Katherine.

    • Nicky, you should SEE this house. The lady starts a month before Halloween. You can look for an hour and still find new things!

  • Mel

    PIRATES!!  Wow……how cool was THAT?

    Happy Halloween!  (bit late…..or early, depending how you look at it.  LOL)

  • Most excellent!

  • I knew i was guaranteed to find awesome halloween pictures on your blog :). You didn’t disappoint. The pirate theme is soo cool!

    Its been a while Katherine. Thanks for stopping over to say Hi after such a long while.

  • Seems like you really had a grand time last Halloween! I like all the pictures especially the 3rd one. It is like a cocoon of an alien or a vampire. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hope you had a great Halloween (sorry I’m a little late the the party).  Are those your decorations?

    • Oh how I wish those were our decorations…! The lady who owns that house spends a month building on the whole setup… it is amazing!

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