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Alice Joyce
Published on Sunday, November 13, 2016 by

silent film star

My father’s mother was named Elizabeth.  Her cousin was silent film star, Alice Joyce.  All of my life I have been fascinated by Alice, collecting stories and photos of her along the way.  Her picture, signed by Alice and given to her cousin Margaret, hangs by my front door.

We had a family farm in Annandale, Virginia.  When my grandmother was young, she and Alice and their other cousins would play on the farm.  They would take turns climbing an apple tree and would drop down on to a horse being led by one of the others.  Things were much simpler then, weren’t they?

Recently my mother began to sort through old photographs from my father’s side.  I was astounded to see many items relating to Alice Joyce that I didn’t know we had.  I took some quick pictures of a few while digging through this box of family treasurers.

I can’t even describe my feelings as I went through each piece of family history.

Alice Joyce’s parents were John Edward Joyce and Vallie Olive McIntyre Joyce.  This is a photo young Alice Joyce sent to her parents in 1905.

 young joyce old photo

Here are two pictures of Alice Joyce on set.  The old cameras are incredible!

silent film set Alice Joyce on set
I had no idea Alice was an artist.  This rooster she drew was on a Christmas card she sent to her cousin.

Alice Joyce Art This rabbit won a blue ribbon in 1951.letter to elizabethrabbit drawingturtle-9-11-51This 1926 Photoplay Magazine featured Alice on the cover.
photoplay magazine alice joyce photoplayThis is a letter written to my grandmother by Alice’s first daughter, Alice Joyce Moore.
Alice Joyce Moore vintage letterWe found 1930’s documentation on her father’s pension.
John E. JoyceFinally, the oldest Alice Joyce photos in the bunch.  These were taken in 1899 in Cuba of her father, John E. Joyce.
habana del cuba Cuba Vintage Photo John E. Joyce Cuba

mom blog

  • Wow, what a lovely look into your family. You’ve a celebrity in there.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  • Ron

    Katherine, I remember you once mentioning something in a comment about having a relative who was a silent film star, so I’ve always been curious to know more about her. What a FASCINATING post! As you know, I love vintage photographs, so you have no idea how much I enjoyed looking at these!

    And it’s quite obvious (from these photographs) why Alice Joyce was a film star, she was so beautiful! I especially love the first picture of her.

    “Here are two pictures of Alice Joyce on set. The old cameras are incredible!”

    OMG…I love those photos because it’s like stepping back in time!

    Also, I really enjoyed reading the letter written by her daughter.

    I bet you’re so happy that your mother found these photographs and memoirs from your family’s past history!

    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend!

  • That is fascinating. What a great opportunity to you to know more about your relative…and such an interesting relative at that.

    It’s really quite amazing that the pictures, letter, art etc withstood the test of time so well. All look to be in perfect condition. Alice’s art is quite wonderful.

    There are a LOT of pictures online of her. What a beauty!!!

    Really interesting post, Katherine!!!

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