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It has taken me years to finally accept that fact that, well… I do lots of embarrassing things in public.  Now I can either crawl in a hole and die about this, or I can embrace the fact that I am who I am – a fairly non-coordinated woman who falls easily in public, says things that don’t come out right and puts herself in very embarrassing positions.

I call Corolla and Hampton Roads home – you can find me in either.  I write, work in Information Services, collect sea glass, take photos, fish, hike, ask people to PLEASE stay off the dunes because IT IS ILLEGAL FOR HEAVEN’S SAKES AND PROTECTS OUR HOMES and I dream of owning an old, reliable yet nasty looking pickup truck.

I love to hear your comments, so please share!

You can reach me via email here.  I would love to hear from you!

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