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Shoot Me NowAbandoned Antiques Shop Reveals the Beauty of Decay

Abandoned Antiques Shop Reveals the Beauty of Decay
Published on Monday, October 14, 2013 by

NC urban exploring

Trust me.  Take a step in, but mind the broken glass.  Ignore that musty smell and let your eyes adjust to the dark.  Now look.  No, no.  Don’t focus on the trash.  Really, really LOOK.  For in this decay, you can find beauty.

I saw this antique store in 1980, on my first trip to the Outer Banks.  Over the years we would stop and explore this amazing place.  It was filled with knickknacks, old books, beach themed items and furniture.  The grounds were filled with retro signs, boats and window panes.

I bought my first piece of furniture there.  It was a three mirrored dresser that showed its age, yet I fell in love with it.  After I purchased it, my mother taught me how to strip, sand, stain and restore… allowing me to turn this aging dresser in to a gorgeous piece I still use today.

The antique store has long since been abandoned.  This year it began to call to me.  “Stop!  Explore!  Capture me in photos before I crumble!”  And so I did.

I’ve made a video of some of the pictures I managed to take in my two brief visits to the empty building.  In them I find beauty, sadness, decay and intrigue.  I long for a good hour in the building with no dogs, a good flashlight and a friend of mine who is truly a master of urban exploration and photography.  There is an upcoming blog post on his adventures and his work so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my own little urban explore of this beautiful abandoned antiques shop.

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  • Beautiful video!

    I haven’t seen a building like that since I was a kid, in the years following WW2 in London.

    • Oh Babs I would LOVE to hear your stories and see your memories. I cannot imagine what you have explored and come across in your life!

      • Katherine, I will be posting some more of my memories. In fact one has just gone up. If you haven’t already, check out my 50’s and 60’s posts that I have managed to get back up, since I lost my blog.

  • Ron

    Katherine, could you hear me CLAPPING from Philly?

    Faaaaaaaaabulous video!!!!! And not only the photos, but the music as well!

    “No, no. Don’t focus on the trash. Really, really LOOK. For in this decay, you can find beauty.”

    Amen, girl! You and I have the same perception of decay, so I understand what you mean. There IS beauty in decay. You just have to look close.

    Well done!

    And I’m looking forward to your upcoming post!


    • You and I really do see beauty in what some would find unusual. I find myself completely captivated by your pictures and your eye. You have done some amazing work, especially with older buildings and the parts that make them appear old – which to me, is the best part! Thank you so much Ron for my clapping… I am grinning ear to ear!

  • Hi Katherine! What a lovely montage and music. Yes, there’s something there that’s more than the sum of debris. It’s a sad place, too. Thanks for sharing these. Indigo x

    • I wish we had looked at it last year – there has been so much picked over. And now there is a no trespassing sign. My bad!

  • I’d love to explore this with you.

  • WOW…That is so interesting. I am wanting to ask a thousand questions.

    I have gone into old businesses that have stood vacant for years but not one that had been abandoned and left the contents to just be picked to the bone.

    It’s beautiful true but on top of that there is a mystery about it….such as… Why the owners seemingly just deserted it? At some point there must of been people that had an emotional connection to the antique store and today it seems devoid of anyone caring. When you bought your dresser, did it seem like a happy place?

    The pictures, BTW are wonderful and the slideshow with the music really conveys the sadness that remains.

    P.S. I am sure the no trespassing sign was for other people…not you.

  • This is quite amazing. I am so glad you were able to capture these to share with the world! What a unique experience that must have been.

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Wow, I’d have loved to explore that building too! Fancy all the stock just left behind and abandoned! The old piano is just so atmospheric and sad, but there are a lot of things there that really make you think. Who were the people in the photos – and where are their descendents? Are the books readable? So many questions.

    • Oh my gosh I thought all the same things!!!!!!! I actually took some of the photos… they are wet, moldy and forgotten. Now they have a home!

  • Oh, Katherine!!! WOW!!

    BRAVO, WOMAN! Bravo!

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