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A Weekend In Corolla
Published on Monday, June 18, 2012 by

Day 18 of the Blog Writing Challenge brings the subject, “Setting Sail.”

When I turn my car towards Corolla, I feel like I am setting sail.  There is a sense of calm that washes over me the closer I get to my mother’s Outer Banks home.

For thirty years, these stairs have greeted us.  We have carried so much up these wooden steps.  Suitcases, coolers, babies and bushels of crabs.  Elderly dalmatians, American flags, cameras and bait.  No matter how the years have changed our loads, the stairs remain a constant.

beach house stairs

This weekend, we did NOT set sail in to the ocean.  Riptides and swimming?  Not so much.

rip tides outer banks

Instead of swimming, we went crabbing at Whalehead Club.  This little guy got to set sail back in to the water.

crabbing at whalehead

This turtle set sail towards the sound.  I KNEW he was going to come out of the water as I was taking this picture.  (I’m lying.)

turtle at whalehead

The marsh grass appeared to sail in the strong NNE winds.

marsh grass

My son almost sailed his butt way too deep in to the sound’s marshy mud.

whalehead sound

This couple set sail towards the future with a beautiful wedding at Whalehead Club.

horse drawn carriage

And finally, setting sale.

OBX Wedding

We never know what adventures are in store as we set sail for the Outer Banks.  What a blessing to have this beautiful escape.



mom blog

  • What a beautiful weekend!  I’ve been to the Outer Banks once, and thought it was wonderful.  We went kayaking, ate some great seafood, and ran down a 400 ft. sand dune.  I hope to get back there sometime.

  • Ron

    “What a blessing to have this beautiful escape.”

    Yes, it is, my friend. And OMG….what a stunning escape it is!

    And I’m LOVIN’ your new camera! Awesome photographs! Especially like the ones of the horse and carriage!

    Thanks for sharing for your weekend, Katherine!

    Have a MARVI Monday….X

  • wow! what a stunningly beautiful escape indeed!

  • Thanks for the photos – makes me want to head down there now. Hopefully we will get to Hatteras later this summer!!!

  • That looks awesomely beautiful!  What a lovely place to have in your family!

  • I love when you post pictures of Corolla. It’s so incredibly beautiful! I agree wholeheartedly that it’s a blessing for you to have such a lovely place to escape to. 

  • An excellent post. And love the idea of crabbing!

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