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A Sense of Accomplishment
Published on Monday, June 11, 2012 by

This is day 3,076 in the 30-day blog writing challenge.  Today’s topic is “a sense of accomplishment.”

Our school district has much to be desired.  There are gangs, fights and metal detectors in our area’s schools.  My children would be chewed up and spit out within a week of attending any of these local gems.

For fourteen years (SO FAR!), I have sent my kids to private Catholic schools.  I spent the night in a parking lot to get my first child in one of the two morning slots of pre-k.

I have given up new clothes, furniture, dinners out, haircuts and oh so much more.  There have been tears, headaches, laughter and pain.  Fights about homework, worry about grades, anguish about money.

I prayed to God that my oldest could attend the local Catholic high, knowing I could never afford the tuition.  I found ways to get financial aid, help from the school, and was blessed to have family that paid as well.

This week the moment arrived.  My first-born graduated from high school.  A high school that he will always look back on with fondness and pride.

high school graduation

When they called my son’s name, I held my breath, released and felt a huge sense of accomplishment.

graduation picture

When my children are grown, I know they will realize just how much I’ve sacrificed to give them a better life.  But I don’t want recognition.  I only ask for three things in return.  Their success, happiness and good health.  Oh, and an old nasty truck accompanied by a bass boat wouldn’t be so bad either.

One down, two more to go!

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  • Katherine, that is very touching.  Many children do not realize or appreciate the sacrifices made for them.  I suspect yours will understand.  Congratulations on all your accomplishments.  You’ve earned them.

  • I know how tough the road can be, Katherine.  But looking at you and your son, with those beautiful radiant faces, it’s all been worth it!

  • You just made me cry!  My daughter walks the stage in a couple weeks.  It will be a huge accomplishment (one that I most definitely will NOT accomplish) if I get through the day without sobbing my eyes out!  

    Congratulations to you and your son!!!!

  • That was definitely an accomplishment to be proud of. I don’t have children, but I can imagine how that must have made you feel.

  • Oh now that truck and boat would really be an accomplishment,t wouldn’t it. But I guess you’ll just have to make do with your son’s graduation. Not bad, though, not bad.

  • Ron

    Katherine, this post put a HUG smile on my face and heart!

    I can feel your pride of your children through your words and it’s just lovely!

    And what an accomplishment indeed!

    You done GREAT, my friend!



  • Of all the accomplishments I’ve read about today, yours is the best -and the one I want for my own daughter.

  • A tremendous sense of accomplishment for sure. Congrats to you and the graduate!

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katherine, he’s so handsome! And you!! Holy smokes, woman! You’re gorgeous!! You should feel proud and a sense of accomplishment. You’ve worked hard to give him the opportunity to succeed in life. Congratulations, my friend. (((hugs)))

  • MsDarkstar

    I had spent the last couple years worrying about how I was going to pay to get to where my daughter lives for her high school graduation (she lives with her Dad in another state). I swore to myself that I’d be there if I had to WALK the 1000 miles to be there.

    And…late last year she decided that she was going to drop out. She lives somewhere that that she could make the decision (legally) to withdraw from school herself.  Her father just got his GED last year. I would have thought that his life would have taught him that the diploma IS important (he also got his first JOB last year… he’s in his 40’s) but he did NOTHING to stop her from withdrawing from school.

    And so… I don’t have a graduation to go to. I don’t have a prom dress to save up for. I don’t have to wrestle with the dilemma of how to afford senior pictures AND a class ring.  And my heart is broken into a million pieces.

    Even if your kids never “get” what you have sacrificed for them to get through school, it is very much worth it.  I think, though, that your kids WILL understand.  Congrats to you and your graduate!

  • Mel

    Geeze….not my kiddo and even *I* felt proud for him.  And for you.
    Ya done GOOD, mom….

    And the bass boat..with a depth finder, I would hope!!  😉

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